The Ways To Clean Your Berber Carpet Tiles

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Berber carpet tiles provide a nice and convenient option to decorate your home or office. Berber carpets are widely recognized as affordable carpets that can be used in places where there is a lot of traffic and they last for a very long time. The only setback is that if you have a one-piece carpet and it becomes stained you might have some problems cleaning it. If you can remove the stain yourself, than everything is ok. But if the stain is too stubborn to get it out by yourself and you have to bring the carpet to a professional cleaner you it may be difficult to get the entire carpet out of the room. There is usually furniture to be moved and if it is a large carpet you can't just put it in the trunk of your car.

This is where the Berber carpet tiles show why they are so convenient. Their main benefit is that if you get a really difficult stain on it and you have to bring it to a professional cleaner, you can easily remove only the stained tile without touching any of the other tiles. This way you don't have to move any furniture and you have no problem with delivery of the tile, as it is relatively small.

But before you put your Berber carpet tiles to a professional cleaner you will probably try to clean it by yourself. The cleaning process depends on what your tiles are made from. Berber carpet tiles made from olefin can be cleaned by steam cleaning. The problem is that the cleaning solution usually slides down the shaft of the fiber because it does not get absorbed by the carpet. This causes the tiles made from olefin to dry for a long time.

Berber carpet tiles from nylon are best cleaned with water-based solution. It is partially absorbed into the fibers, while the rest of the solution goes to the bottom. But still the drying time is considerably shorter than it is the case with olefin fibers.

Berber carpet tiles made from wool are suprisingly resistant to crushing, staining and dirt. They are best cleaned by some dry method of cleaning. You just have to be careful to ensure the pH level of the cleaning solution is neutral. A high level of pH solution that you apply on the carpet will ruin the wool carpeting over time.
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