How to Stay Logged In While Using a Remote Desktop

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    • 1). Launch the Remote Desktop Connection application by clicking on the icon in the "All Programs" list of the Start menu.

    • 2). Click on the "Options" button to expand additional settings.

    • 3). Enter the username that you want to log in with on the remote computer in the "Username" field. Then enter the hostname or IP address of the system you are connecting to in the "Computer" field.

    • 4). Check the box next to "Allow me to save credentials."

    • 5). Click on the "Connect" button to begin communicating with the remote computer.

    • 6). Enter your login credentials for the remote computer again, and remember to check the "Remember my password" option. Then hit "OK." The application will now log you in to the remote computer and open a virtual desktop.

    • 7). Move your mouse cursor to the top of the screen when you are ready to close the remote connection. Then click on the small "X" symbol, which will close the virtual desktop but will not log you out of the remote computer. If you create another connection to the computer, all applications and windows will still be open.

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