How Do You Make Money Online in a Tough Economy? Start Several New Businesses in 10 Minutes Or Less

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So you have started a home based business.
As most people often do your mind gets full of hopes and dreams of what could happen.
You started a journey and the excitement is at an all time high.
What next! You sit and just hope that something happens! Wrong! This is were most people fail.
Home based businesses or any business for that matter will not succeed if after the initial start up you choose to do nothing else! Most businesses fail because there is no direction! Think about it for a second.
If you opened a retail store, Set up your store front, put one product on the shelves and opened the door and did nothing else would that store make money.
Probably not! And here is the kicker, that same store as mentioned before will close up shop, close its doors, and than open a new location with one new product and throw open the doors again and hope that the second store will make money! This is where most people fail at home based or small businesses.
Did you notice two key things about that scenario.
One product, No Marketing and No strategic plan to get people in the door.
Oh and by the way the one person that was looking for the first store and its one product now has to go somewhere else.
Jumping from one product or program to another product or program looking for the quick buck is a losing proposition.
Unless you are looking for a tax write off this does not make good business sense.
Granted their are products that will not get you the best results or the most sales but if it is making even a little money why abandon it.
The time has come to change your thinking! If one product that you are marketing is making money, even just a little, don't just throw in the towel but add to it.
Its time to put bean counter thinking into action.
Have you ever heard that term? Do you know what a bean counter is.
A bean counter is a person usually put in place to figure the probable outcome for ever action.
Most of your fortune 500 companies out there have people just in place to do this job.
They calculate the profitability or loss of any give course of action.
So lets explore this a little.
If you have one product that is making you lets say $50 a week than 2 products in theory applying the same marketing strategies will make you $100 and so on and so on.
The example of the store I mentioned earlier in this article by closing its doors missed the customer that came looking for that product or service and if the new location or product was not similar than would that business owner make the sale! Absolutely not! Making money on the internet or with any home based business is not hard to do! The amount or success of any business is based on your thought process.
If you are trying to make a good living with a small business and all you have is one program or product you are marketing than your chances are not good.
Apply bean counter thinking to your business and you will be ahead of the game.
If you would like to check out several programs that will give you multiple products and are turn key businesses just check out our site.
We have researched 4 of the best multi line programs out there.
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