Improve Your Spoken American English - 3 Ways

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Do you want to improve your spoken American English? If so, read on, because you are in the right place.
In this article I'm going to show you three very effective ways to work on your American English speaking skills.
Here they are! 1.
Speak with Americans
It's unquestionably the best way to improve your speaking skills - interact with native speakers as often as you can.
Thanks to this, you'll greatly improve your listening skills, your speaking skills, learn some new words and improve your accent.
You can find some Americans in your city or look for a language partner online and speak with him on Skype.
Speak with your friends in English
Even speaking with your friends is a great idea to work on your speaking skills.
I'm sure that at least a few of your friends would like to improve their English skills - ask them if they want to speak with you in English instead of speaking in your native language.
Try to speak in English all the time, without using your mother tongue! 3.
Sing along with native speakers
Find some good American songs, find lyrics to them, turn up the volume and start singing (or rapping, if you are into rap) along! It's an excellent way to improve your accent and your speaking skills (also your self-confidence to speak English).
Practice with each song for at least a few times.
That's how you can improve your spoken American English! Keep in mind that the best way to improve your speaking skills is to speak with native American speakers.
Do it as often as you can.
Good luck and have fun while working on your skills!
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