What Decor Goes With Leather Couches?

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    • Black, brown, cream or any color of leather sofa with clean, straight lines works with a modern decorating style. Keep things simple and clean with a few necessary pieces of furniture, such as an ottoman or glass and metal table, an end table and media center. Well-placed and interesting accessories will pull the room together, such as a plain white or cream rug for dark leather couches or a colorful geometric-patterned rug. Use one bright color as an accent color to "pop" against the neutral colors, such as red throw pillows on a white leather sofa or lime green vases on the media center. Artwork, lamps, a chandelier or other decorative items in your neutral or accent color will pull the room together. Use neutral-colored accessories for a bright red, purple, orange or other colored leather sofa.


    • Dark, over-stuffed leather couches work well in a study, library, office or living room with a masculine feel. Pair the couches with dark wood panel walls or deep, rich paint. Heavy cherry wood tables, shelves, media furniture or other pieces will complement the room. Include a cherry wet bar if you like to entertain, or mix an occasional cocktail in the room. Lighten the room up with blue, green or beige accents, such as a rug, curtains and artwork. Add a few pillows, candles or flower arrangements if you want to balance the room with bits of femininity.

    Family Friendly

    • Leather sofas are fairly easy to keep clean, and high-quality leather couches should last through all the spills, sleepovers and illnesses of your children's childhoods, which make them ideal for the family room. Add a variety of textures in the room through a rug, throws, pillows and an upholstered chair or two. Use neutral colors that work with the leather for major pieces in the room that allow the room to function through different stages of your family life. Use a storage ottoman instead of a coffee table to provide an extra seat for guests and a place to store blankets for movies and board games for game night. Put any breakable knickknacks or collectibles on higher shelves where you can look at them, but the kids can't get to them. Baskets or decorative boxes can sit on lower shelves to corral toys, games, movies, coloring books or other items the kids typically use in the room without making it look like a playroom.


    • Give yourself a basic room with neutral decor that you can update and dress up when the mood strikes you. For example, a neutral-colored leather sofa, rug, curtains and tables can go from a casual beach-themed room to a sophisticated room for an elegant adults-only evening or a decked-out holiday-themed room by switching out a few key accessories, which can make the room timeless and fresh all at the same time. Put out fancy crystal vases with fresh bouquets of flowers and white scented candles in red glass hurricanes. Swap them out for glass bowls or vases filled with sand, seashells and white votive candles on the shelves surrounded by black-and-white pictures from your last trip to the beach. Put those away to show off your ice blue, silver and white snowman and snowflake Christmas decorations during the holidays. All will help make your leather couch stand out.

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