Canine Dosage Glucosamine - What Dosage to Give a Canine

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In this article we will outline for you the dosages of glucosamine given to dogs that have proved the most effective at treating joint conditions.
We will also outline for you a method of using glucosamine that in most clinical trials has increased the effectiveness of treating arthritis and other serious joint conditions.
The dosage of canine glucosamine you give your dog will vary depending upon two major factors, which are, the size of your dog, and also the circumstances under which you are giving it to your dog.
For instance if you are giving your dog glucosamine as a preventative measure then amount needed will be less, than if you are giving it to your canine to directly treat a condition such as arthritis.
A rough guide will be a daily intake of between 20mg per pound of weight of your dog.
So for an average 50lb dog you would need to give your dog 1000mg's of glucosamine a day, but any reputable supplement should come with a set of definite directions with the exact amounts to make it easy for you to give your dog the most effective dosage.
So the best way that clinical studies have shown that you can increase the effectiveness of a glucosamine supplement is by combining it with another substance.
The most effective one that has been identified so far is chondroitin.
Chondroitin has its own very important function in the joints of dogs that compliments the funtions of glucosamine.
The recommended daily dosage of chondroitin is slightly less, and tends to range between 500 - 1000 mg's a day.
Because of the increased effectiveness of the two together a large proportion of the dog joint supplements that are now manufactured contain both glucosamine and chondroitin.
So you should have no problem in locating a supplement containing a supplement containing both.
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