How to Calculate Overall Grades

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    • 1). Separate assignments out into the type of assignment. For example, put exams in one pile, homework assignments in another pile.

    • 2). Find the average of each type of assignment. For example, if a student's test scores were 92, 95, 88, and 99 out of 100 for each test, the average score is 93.5.

    • 3). Multiply the average score for each type of assignment by the percent of the final grade. In the example, if tests are 60 percent of the final grade, then multiply 93.5 by 60 percent, which equals 56.1.

    • 4). Add the different type of assignments together for a final grade out of 100. In the example, if class participation was nine points out of 10 possible, homework was 25 out of 30 possible and tests were 56.1 out of 60, then the final grade is nine plus 25 plus 56.1, which equals a final grade of 90.1.

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