Flash Design Adds Website Versatility

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You have probably viewed many Flash-based components while surfing the Internet.
Most smooth animations on websites and in banner ads, short films, and presentations are built in Flash.
Macromedia Flash is a powerful and adaptable software program.
It enables Flash web designers to incorporate sound, movement, and interactivity that cannot be achieved with standard HTML websites.
Web designers use Flash to develop a wide array of presentations, tutorials, and websites.
They can create entire websites or simply add interactive elements to standard HTML websites.
Should you consider Flash for your company's website? Perhaps.
Like everything, Flash has both pros and cons.
The benefits of Flash: * Flash can enhance the experience of your target audience.
It grabs attention and can make a stunning and rich presentation to effectively drive home a marketing message.
* Flash provides almost limitless design options.
* With Flash you can explain a wide variety of concepts with graphics and sound via dynamic, engaging tutorials, training courses, introductions, and film clips.
* Flash can give your site a look that emphasizes state-of-the-art technology and expertise.
* If you have a portfolio component to your website, Flash can present samples of your work in an interactive environment that resizes windows to fit the graphics.
Examples of companies that may benefit from Flash portfolios include architects, interior designers, and photographers.
Things to consider when developing a Flash-based site: * Estimates state approximately 95% of Internet users have the Flash plug-in.
This leaves only a small group of people who must still download the free plug-in.
* Flash is a complex and time-intensive program.
Sites built in Flash take more planning and programming time than "standard" HTML sites.
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