How to Finish the Puzzle on "Astro Knight"

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    • 1). Play through Astro Knights Island until you have given all three powerful weapons to the Binary Bard disguised as a princess. This is at the very end of the level. The Binary Bard will then disappear, leaving a locked door behind.

    • 2). Click on the closed door to start the puzzle. This puzzle is five rows of four cards each, equaling 20 total cards. Clicking on any card turns over every card that is touching it. For example, if you click on the card in the top left corner of the puzzle, the cards directly below it and to the right of it will flip over, but the card that you clicked stays face down. The goal is to turn over every card to form an image of Mordred's face. This is an easier puzzle to solve if you number each card in your head before starting. The top row is one to four (with "one" being on the top left side and "four" being on the top right side), going all the way down to "20" being the card in the lower right corner.

    • 3). Click on cards seven, eight, five and then six. This is the entire second row of cards, but the order in which you click on them is crucial. Click on cards 10 and 11 next. Finally, click on cards 16, 15, 14 and 13. This will clear all of the cards and show the face of Mordred, which will open the door.

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