You Want to Try Swinging - But Your Partner Doesn"t

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There are many people in relationships who would secretly love to try the swinging lifestyle.
They may already have spoken to their partner and received a frosty reaction.
They might also not have mentioned it to their partner at all; perhaps they fear a getting a negative reaction or they might be embarrassed to have such fantasies and thoughts at all.
If any of this sounds like you then you will know that it is quite frustrating.
After all, you can't help your thoughts! But realize in the first instance that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having fantasies.
Most people do and it is a normal part of being a healthy and sexual being.
So banish any thoughts that there is anything wrong with you.
However, if you seriously do want to take your fantasies from being simply in your head to reality then there are certain things you must do.
Firstly, remember that there are many happy couples in the swinging lifestyle who went through the same experience as you - namely, they had a reluctant partner who they somehow managed to turn around to the idea.
Many of these reluctant people went on to be even more enthusiastic than their partners and to thank them for their perseverance! To get your partner interested in the swinging lifestyle, the main thing you need to do is to focus on your relationship with your partner.
Make it as strong as possible.
Do everything you can to make your partner feel loved and adored by you.
This is the key to removing issues of insecurity from your relationship.
When your partner realizes that swinging can be an enhancement to your already great relationship and not a substitute they will be much more open to the idea.
The other thing to focus on is keeping the dimension of sexual adventure and excitement alive and growing between you and your partner.
Look for ways to explore new things, while of course always keeping things safe.
By doing this you are also reminding your partner of how sexy they are.
This is very important if they are to feel confident enough to open up sexually to other people in a swinging environment.
If you do both of these things, you may well find that the move into exploring the swinging lifestyle comes about quite naturally.
You may even find your partner suggesting it to you first!
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