Understanding STAAD.Pro

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STAAD.Pro is the first software in the commercial arena that is used for the purpose of structural analysis and design. STAAD.Pro is also generally known as STAAD, which stands for Structural Analysis and Design. Earlier version of STAAD.Pro, i.e. STAAD –III, was non-graphical software developed for the DOS (Disk Operating System).  This software is the preferred choice by the Civil and Structural Engineers for analyzing and designing the structures.

Various advantages of using STAAD.Pro:
  • Provides support to numerous steel, concrete and timber design codes
  • Provides different forms of analysis methods to choose from
  • Comprises of a large collection of dynamic analysis
  • Enables Engineers to design any structure virtually, such as tunnels, bridges, or culverts
  • Results in fluent collaboration of data

What is Structural Analysis?

Structural Analysis can be defined as the process used for identifying the effects caused or produced by the components of a structure. A structural analysis can be broadly categorized into 2D and 3D. Main difference between 2D and 3D structural analysis can be stated in terms of volumetric approach to data acquisition, visualization, and quantitation.

What Does STAAD.Pro V8i Offer?

Similar to other software products, STAAD.Pro also has many version updates. The list of version updates is as follows:
  • STAAD.Pro V8i SELECT series 3
  • STAAD.Pro V8i SELECT series 2
  • STAAD.Pro V8i SELECT series 1
  • STAAD.Pro V8i Build 05
  • STAAD.Pro V8i

With each improvised version, STAAD.Pro offers you a plethora of features to make structural analysis and design more accurate and precise. Some of the offerings provided by STAAD.Pro V8i are:
  • 2D/3D graphical and user-friendly environment
  • Object oriented model generation
  • Support to different components including plates, solids, linear and non-linear cables, truss
  • Structural templates depending on the requirement
  • Isometric and perspective views
  • Improvised CIS/2
  • Enhanced Dynamic Deflection Animation
  • Advance analysis updates
  • Improved and enhanced designs

Need of Professional Training and Certification

According to the prevailing market scenario in the field of I.T, mere knowledge of some technology is not sufficient; you have to be an expert in the domain. This expertise can only be gained with timely training in your area of interest by the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) like STAAD Pro Training Course.

With the above, we can see how promising the STAAD.Pro technology is. If you are a working professional, you can utilize the benefit of online training and thus grow at your own pace. You can join a STAAD Pro Training from a reputed institute like Multisoft Virtual Academy.
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Understanding STAAD.Pro