GPU Testing Devices - Ground Support Equipment: Make Airplanes Safe to Fly!

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Ground Power Units: We have all been to the airport and whether or not we have all been on a plane we have all certainly, at some point, suffered through the interruptions or delays that unavoidably happen when we put ourselves at the mercy of the airlines. It is actually easy to overlook that the whole flying experience is much more than a simple three-step boarding, flying, landing process. In actual fact, the flying experience is embedded with a whole world that, though given little regard, makes the air travel possible. To get a better look at the ground support world, let us look at the various tools they employ to make sure that air travel runs right and as smooth and safe as it can be.

Air starter units:

These units are used to help start the engine of an airplane by releasing the required amount of air. These units are equipped with internal combustion engines. Air starter unit and aircraft are connected by means of a hose. Eventually, without air starter units, planes would not get sufficient combustion boost to start.

Belt loaders:

Belt loader is a vehicle that is equipped with one or more moveable belts. The vehicle is placed under the airplane door, and the belt is elevated in a diagonal position in such a way that cargo and baggage can be placed onto it from the ground and the belt rolls it up to the airplane.

Pushback tractors:

It is actually a ramp service, an airport procedure during which an aircraft is pushed backwards from an airport gate other than under its own power. If the aircraft were moved backwards on the ground using backward thrust, the resulting prop wash or jet blast might cause damage to the terminal equipment or building and people working nearby. Pushback tractors are also used to move the aircraft away from the gate.

De-icing units:

This is done by spraying pre-heated anti-ice fluids on the aircraft's surface through the use of de-icers. These fluids interfere with the bond between the aircraft's surface and the frozen water or snow. Usually, de-icers are contained in a container truck that holds the fluids. The solution is composed of propylene glycol that decreases the crystallization point of water. Not only these sprayers remove any existing ice, but also they apply a thin layer of the fluid as a deterrent for further build-up for a long period of time to allow for safe take-off.

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