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Do you want to learn an American accent? If so, read on, because I have some exercises for you.
In this article I'm going to help you improve your American accent! Here are three exercises that you can do to learn to speak with a better accent.
Listen to American music and sing along
One of the most fun ways to improve your accent is to listen to songs and sing along with a singer or rap along with a rapper (if you like rap).
There are hundreds of great American artists and I'm sure that you'll find some good songs to practice with.
Just make sure to find the correct lyrics and sing aloud! 2.
Read aloud
Read something aloud (of course in English) and record your voice while doing it (for example on a computer).
Then, try to assess your accent.
You can read aloud a transcription of an American podcast and then compare your accent to that of a native American speaker.
Speak with native speakers
Find a native American speaker who want to improve his or her skills in your native language in exchange for a conversation in English.
Ask him or her to correct your accent.
You can find many language learners on sites such as Polyglot Learn Language, Lang-8 or Italki.
You can use Skype to speak with your language partner.
Do these exercises on a daily basis and I'm sure that you'll quickly learn an American accent.
It's all about a regular practice.
There's no magic pill that will make you speak with a better accent overnight.
It doesn't work like this.
Learning an accent is a process.
Don't give up! Good luck and have fun while practicing!
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