Improving Directory Submission Approval Tips

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Using directory submissions for link building and promotion have been around for quite a long time and it still one of the techniques that are still used. Although this link building technique isnt as effective as it used to be with Google devaluing many directories in the past has made it hard for directory owners earn, despite this fact doing directory submissions is still worth it. In this article ill discuss a few tips on how to improve your chances of getting your submission approved.

When doing directory submissions its a good idea to get a list of variations that you want to use for your title, and description. The more variations you have the better, when making a title it is important not to use short titles like Dog Food. Try to come up with a descriptive but short title as these are more likely to be approved. When using titles for your submissions its best not to use titles that do not relate to your homepage since most likely you will be submitting your homepage and not inner pages.

For your description that you want to use ensure that the description is at least 2 sentences long but 3 sentences is the optimal length you want to use. In your description try to use 3rd person when describing the website as if someone else was submitting your website. Do not mention the URL within the description as many times if the editor sees a .com within the description it is more likely to be rejected. Also when writing your descriptions simply describe your website, do not make it sound like a sales pitch this is one mistake that I see often and will most likely get rejected.

Another part of directory submissions are confirming the submission via your email, Ive found that about 30-35% of directories will send out an confirmation but only a small amount of those actually require you to confirm by clicking a link in the email. When submitting it also will help a small amount by using an email address that is the same domain as the URL you are submitting, there are not a large amount of directories that use this guideline but by doing this you can improve your approval.

By keeping these things in mind you will have more success using directory submissions and also improve the amount of listings you will get. Keep in mind to use variations of your information to have a better effect on your SEO. Lastly keep in mind that your titles are the biggest factor in your SEO efforts so ensure you have researched your keywords that you want to use for directory submissions.
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