Telling the Truth About Our Age - What"s the Big Deal?

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Why is it impolite to ask a woman her age? Is it impolite to ask a man his age? Didn't used to be; but perhaps it is not the thing to do in our "dear, dear I don't want to offend anyone" culture.
We have no trouble asking children their age.
Heck, they proudly announce it when asked, and even when not asked.
"I am almost five and a half years old!" The guy at the minute mart has no trouble asking a young person their age when they purchase alcohol or cigarettes.
In fact, the law demands that they ask their age; and receive visible proof thereof.
What constitutes a "young" person anyway? I think it is now thirty years of age or younger.
Do people lie about their age to be older than the "young person" criteria? Guess it depends on whether they are drinking or smoking, huh? So, what's with women not wanting to admit their age? Is there something intrinsically bad about being over a certain age? There must be because so many, many women lie about their age.
Is there a specific age at which a woman should begin to lie: forty; fifty; sixty-six; seventy-one? Where does one find the rules for this? Is this a personal choice "soul felt" thing? Do mothers pass this on to daughters or is it a sister-to-sister pass off? We all seem to know that the age-lie is a big shell game, but we all play into it.
A more interesting question is who are woman trying to fool, themselves or others? Everyone knows the age lie is a lie, but we all nod our heads and accept it.
"Let's be kind to the poor old gal, let her think we believe her.
" What is with this? Is the "poor old gal" somehow less a poor "old" gal if she has a younger birth date fixed to her face? If you look at this another way, someone who looks sixty-six and tells you they are fifty-four really has a problem! What's going on with you? Do you have some terrible aging disease? Then what is the politically correct thing to do? Does one ask solicitously about their health or run like hell in case it is catching? What a lot of confusion we create with not telling our age; or worse yet, by lying about it.
Why don't we all just tell the truth? Why do we make age such a big deal? Wouldn't it be a lot more fun to take the whole thing completely off the table and get on with simply living? Ah, but then there is the "cosmetics and beauty" industry.
Oh dear, I completely forgot about that! Robin Korth
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