How to Build a Dog Bath

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    • 1). Buy a large utility tub from a home improvement store. If you are going to be bathing dogs of different sizes, you will want to buy a tub that can fit even the largest breeds, with a little room to spare. If you are going to be bathing your own dog, you will just need a utility tub that will accommodate it.

    • 2). Run a water hose from a connection to the tub. Make sure the hose is connected to a faucet that produces hot and cold water so you can control the temperature of the water you use in the dog bath.

    • 3). Clamp the water hose to the side of the utility tub so the hose opening is facing directly toward the center of the tub. Make sure the hose is propped up so you can run water from it and rinse dogs beneath it.

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