How to Build a World Map

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    • 1). Lay a professionally drawn world map flat on a table. Place a piece of paper beside the map. This map will be used as a guide for the world map you are about to build. Sharpen a pencil to begin drawing.

    • 2). Use a ruler to measure each line you are drawing on your piece of paper, in relation to the professionally drawn world map. First measure the distance from the edge of the map to the first continent. Match this distance exactly on your piece of paper. For each line, border, lake, sea and mountain range which you are including on the map you are building, use exact measurements with your ruler from the professionally drawn world map. This will be a slow process but will make your own map accurate.

    • 3). Use a pen to trace over the entire map you have drawn in pencil. Once the ink on the traced-over pencil has dried completely and all of the pencil marks have been fully traced, use an eraser to erase the pencil marks. Make photocopies of the world map. These can either be distributed to a class of students or just made for yourself.

    • 4). Color the photocopy with markers, crayons or paint. Color each continent a different color or each country on each continent a different color. Use seven or more different colors, not including blue, as there are seven continents. Take your time doing this and allow your markers to dry after you have colored the entire world map. The oceans will take the longest.

    • 5). Laminate each of the colored world maps in a laminating machine or at a copying facility which laminates documents.

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