Create Bite-Size Goals

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Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with pursuing your goals? Most of our goals are made up of several smaller goals that make up the whole.
For example, your goal to release 25 pounds can be broken down into 25 successive goals to lose one pound each! Another example: A goal to obtain an undergraduate degree is comprised of many smaller goals such as registering for a degree program, completing the coursework and assignments successfully, followed by graduation.
Unless your goal is initially quite small and simple, you can probably identify smaller goals that make up that larger goal.
It may not be immediately obvious how to break the goal down; however, really analyze it.
During this process, you may find it helpful to think of your desired end result and work backwards to where you currently are.
Which actions were necessary in order to arrive at that final result? Do your best to split the big goal into manageable chunks.
Once you have completed this process, take a close look at your small goals.
You will probably find that you have steps related to: Fact-finding and learning.
If you do not yet have all of the information that you need in order to achieve your goal, you will probably have to perform a bit of research and information gathering to proceed wisely.
Planning and groundwork.
Before you begin moving in the direction of a goal, it is best to know exactly what steps you need to take.
Preliminary action.
You may have some minor labor to complete before you can begin moving toward your goal and tackling the larger action steps.
Naturally, the steps you need to take will be determined upon your specific goal.
If some of the above items do not apply to your specific goal, simply disregard them.
This may appear to be a lot of preliminary work; however, by planning and preparing in this way you are actually moving toward the goal in a way that will make it all seem like a piece of cake!
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