Zoo Tycoon Hints

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    Keeping Guests Happy

    • Happy people

      The first step is getting people to come to the zoo. Lower prices attract more people, so try reducing the zoo entrance fee. Visitors will think they're getting a good value and their happiness will increase. Visitors can only see exhibits if they are within two tiles of it and they can only see about ten tiles in. Guests get annoyed if they don't see animals right away or they may even walk right past an exhibit. To keep animals within viewing distance, place watering holes near the front of the exhibit and keep shelters further toward the back. Last but not least, don't forget to treat your animals well and keep them happy. Visitors don't like to view angry animals and they get upset if they see animals being mistreated.

    Keeping Animals Happy

    • Happy animals

      Each animal species requires a specific type of habitat, shelter and food. Some love privacy, while others need constant stimulation with toys or from visitors. Animals get happier each time a zookeeper visits them, so keep one assigned to each exhibit at all times. It's important to make sure that the exhibits don't get overcrowded or become too empty as animals die. Crowding angers the animals and visitors alike, while empty exhibits won't attract guests. Don't run the marine shows on "continuous" mode, even if they are big attraction to visitors. Even animals get tired and need a break sometimes.

    The Amenities

    • Choosing the amenities

      The aesthetics of the zoo and convenience of the layout is also important. Use quality fencing for the exhibits and nice pavement, like cobblestone or brick, for the pathways. Place trash cans in high traffic areas and hire maintenance workers to keep the zoo clean. Don't get overzealous with the trash cans, though, since too many bins will disgruntle the guests. Also keep in mind that nobody wants to walk two miles to get from one exhibit to the next. Keep the exhibits fairly close together and place restaurants, benches and restrooms next to popular locations, particularly the aquatic exhibits and marine shows. Remember that guests will begin to grumble if prices for food, drinks and gifts are too high.

    Making Money

    • Managing finances

      The key to building appealing exhibits, keeping animals happy and maintaining the zoo is money. To create a successful enterprise, it's necessary to keep costs low. Build a compost facility as soon as possible in order to start converting animal waste into money. Make sure to keep it away from the main thoroughfare, since visitors won't be pleased if they spot it. Gift carts and shops can be a great investment because visitors to the zoo love to bring home souvenirs. Place a gift cart next to every exhibit and build a shop next to rare animal locations. Also, don't forget to place donation boxes in high-traffic areas and next to exhibits. Visitors particularly enjoy combined exhibits that recreate real-life habitats, such as the African Savannah, and will donate more money as a result.

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