Definition of "Input Format" for Drupal 6

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    The Full HTML Input Format

    • The full HTML input format in Drupal 6 automatically inserts paragraph tags when you start a new paragraph. It also automatically turns Web addresses into hyperlinks. Other than that, all formatting must be taken care of manually. All HTML tags are allowed with this input format.

    The Filtered HTML Input Format

    • Like the full HTML input format, the filtered HTML input format automatically turns Web addresses into links and automatically inserts paragraph tags. It does not support all HTML tags, but it does support a limited number of tags, including <em> (italic), <strong> (bold) and list tags (ul, ol, li, etc.).

    Setting a Default Input Format

    • Sign in to your site and click on "Administer" to set a default input format. Click on "Site Configuration" then click on "Input Formats." Check the box next to the input format you want to use by default, and then click "Save Default Format."

    Configuring Input Formats

    • You can also set a default input format depending on the user role. For example, if you want administrators to be able to use the full HTML input format, but not writers or other users, click on "Configure" in the "Input Format" menu. Check the box next to each role you want to enable the input format for, and then click "Save Configuration."

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