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Research Paper Topics That Pertain to Any Area of Marketing

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    Macro Level

    Managerial Level

    • How marketing managers make decisions based on available information is a critical facet of marketing. If, through research, you can generate new methods for improved decision-making, it can improve, or perhaps in some cases eliminate, costly testing that marketing managers routinely engage to help perfect marketing decisions. How marketers test product advertising, or how product changes might affect purchasing decisions, are two areas that you can research in this area.

    Micro Level

    Best Practices

    Social Marketing

    • The social marketing program in Bangladesh is considered a pioneer in social marketing programs.Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images

      Social marketing is behavior change marketing that is used to promote well-being, and is commonly used in developing countries. Behavior change is a difficult and lengthy process, so research is important to unearth barriers and predictors to change, as well as gauge the success of the program. For example, the United States helped develop one of the oldest and largest social marketing programs in Bangladesh over 30 years ago that is still active. The longevity of the program is allowing researchers to observe measurable behavior change to prove the program is working; allows marketers to duplicate efforts in other countries; and helps secure additional funding.

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