How to Liven Up Your Classroom Music Lessons - Tips That Really Work

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While browsing through an "Ofsted" (UK School Inspectors) report called "Making More of Music" I found many very useful suggestions which will make your lessons more fun and more productive.
Try implementing some of these ideas:
  • Always play music as the pupils enter; either live on the instrument of your choice or through a decent stereo (don't forget how much clearer and more immediate music sounds through a really good sound system).
    Build up a library of tracks which you consider essential listening.
    Do the same for school assemblies.
  • Cut right down on spoken instructions in your music lessons - keep the music flowing whenever you can.
    Show pupils what you want them to do through mime and music.
    The same strategy is used in language teaching.
  • emonstrate yourself using the same instruments you want the pupils to play.
    Get them to imitate what they hear.
  • Invite pupils to imagine what they are going to play before they actually start to do it.
    This encourages more thoughtful contributions and is especially effective with drum work.
  • Demonstrate different instrument sounds (live if possible) but invite the pupils to imagine what each instrument is going to sound like before they hear it.
    Discuss their expectations.
  • Use audio recording technology whenever possible.
    Get an all-in-one digital recording device and record your pupils' performances and compositions.
    You will capture superior performances which you can use for positive feedback.
    Pupils love hearing their own recordings and they listen much more carefully to their own creations than to other music.
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