The Art of Seduction

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Persuading a woman that you are worthy of her amorous regard is never an easy task, despite what the movies may say.
It's isn't even a matter of looks, though if you have those your job is a lot easier.
When it comes to really convincing a woman that you have something different to offer than all of the other men that have tried to romance her before, it is important to bring something unique to the table that will make you stand out in her mind as something special.
It is often said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.
What is less known is that a way to a woman's heart is through her mind.
No one is going to get anywhere when it comes to female affections through looks alone; the true seducer has to bring a wide range of mental skills to bear.
One way to do this, believe it or not, is through the stomach.
The difference between a meal for a man and a meal for a woman is that a woman is intrigued by the process of creation, not by the actual product itself.
What a meal will demonstrate to a woman A meal made with your own hands will signal to a woman that you are willing to take the time necessary to impress her.
One thing about most women is that they will not usually admit when they are impressed, but the fact is that seeing that a man is willing to take the time to plan and prepare a really great dinner will trigger her curiosity about what else he can do.
Right away, through the creation of a meal, you have nailed to of the most important aspects of seducing a woman; demonstrated that you are willing to invest time in her, and made her wonder about the skills you possess.
Another little known fact among men, but one that seems to be passed down to women through their mothers, is that they truly believe that a man who can cook is a man who can think.
The evidence for this is everywhere, if you are willing to look.
It is a common theme that pops up in movies made for women time and time again (that is one way that they pass on their secret knowledge without us guys knowing, through movies they know we will never watch or that we will fall asleep after being tricked into watching).
Don't be afraid, good meals are simple! Most men are afraid to cook, thinking that it is some monumentally difficult task that they could not possibly surmount.
This is not true.
Some of the best food is also the easiest to make; you just need to be sure to keep an eye on it so that it doesn't overcook.
Salmon, for example, or any seafood, is a perfect meal for a stay at home date, and is also very simple to cook.
People who enjoy salmon will like it just broiled, or with any kind of garnish suggested in a ten dollar cookbook from the store.
Of course, you will also have to cook a few side dishes, but dinners for two are never complicated affairs and a simply bean mix or some fancily spiced and fried carrots will set off the taste of the salmon (or really any other main course) perfectly.
Don't forget the wine When it comes to impressing a woman, wine might be the essential ingredient in an evening.
You will want to select a wine that goes well with the kind of meat you are going to serve; red wine with red meat and white with everything else continues to work well, and if you want to go deeper then you will have to determine the flavors and the heaviness that your main course will be complemented by.
Remember that both with the wine and with the meal, presentation is the make or break of success.
Dishes that taste exactly the same will seem to taste better if they are set out in a formal manner; never neglect garnishes.
When it comes to wine, you are going to want to make sure that you open the bottle (and pour it) as smoothly as possible.
Get a good top of the line corkscrew and a drip catcher.
Opening the wine and pouring it is a fun part of the evening, make no mistake about it.
Remember, making a dinner for a woman is only partly about the dish.
What really counts towards making a great impression is the thought, the preparation, and the fact that she will be wondering about what else you are capable of.
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