EBay is the leader of internet Crime

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With the way eBay has set up it's business it's no wonder eBay has become the worlds top internet crime market Place, If you look up IC3 and consumer fraud you will see eBay list at crime baythe top of all complaints, eBay has made it easy for scam buyers to rip off sellers with the new 100% satisfaction policy, eBay even now markets the eBay Guarantee! Shopping. Sellers on eBay have taken all the hits now.! PayPal's New rule is to just hit the return button. Sellers are treated like a product on a shelf Not a person, ebay even got rid of seller feedback so sellers could not have any word if the buyer scammed them., eBay itself is letting the crime happen. eBay motors is riddled with xss redirect scams 24 hours aday. It looks like eBay welcomes the scams.
A news article was publish this week saying California is the leader in internet crime, So that does not leave out the fact eBay is part of the mix. The same scams we see on eBay is from counties transnational criminal organizations operating from Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Israel, Egypt, China, Philippines and Nigeria, among other places.

eBay globule shipping has been having it's problems with operations in lost goods and shipping labels in the repacking process,  Poorly managed shipping center does not help.. Here is the kicker with eBay globule rules, if the item is un deliverable for any reason eBay sends the item to a warehouse where the item is sold by eBay and the seller is out of his money and has to repay the buyer in full with shipping costs. eBay has a way about "sticking it to the man"!.  Sellers are feed up with the way eBay and PayPal are being run. eBay has no customer fairness. The eBay call center is a Joke, most people don't even bother calling, because all you get is some lady reading a script from a computer screen that can't even speak English. eBay is being run by programming bots. and the buyer can leave bad feed back, and easily scam the seller with charges backs. PayPal don't fight charge backs and leaves the seller high and dry with no information on the buyer.

eBay has made a name for itself over the years as the best place to get scammed. Lots of others call eBay (scamBay) Names for paypal ( PrayPal) or (Pray Pay), With all the bad business reviews and scams what's keeping eBay in business. I can tell you what keeps eBay in business ( publicly trading stock ) Poor Government regulations with ecommerce. eBay sellers say eBay don't care as long as eBay gets there selling fees. Sellers now saying we don't have any rights when it comes to eBay's decisions with seller protection. There is no seller Protection!, that itself is a scam policy, Many sellers are saying the California attorney General and the California State officials are behind the eBay crimes.

( If your not helping to find a solution to the crime California!)  then your Part of the crime!.

eBay has political officials in DC sitting around taking checks doing nothing but letting eBay play Russian roulette with sellers Money.

eBay AmandaMiller  Senior Manager at eBay Inc. Current: Corporate Communications at eBay Location: Washington, District Of Columbia. what the hell does She do!!. There is not one person that works for eBay that can give you an answer, Good luck even trying to call any eBay corporate employee, Most of them get paid to read news papers and sit at home or play golf all day. The only person that got eBays attention was Carl Icahn. Major share Holders of eBay even see the issues. eBay could fix most the fraud by having a internal payment system and a fair arbitration process. On a Personal Note why would anyone want to fix the perfect Crime. Only One Country even made the news; Which was Germany! saying Not to trust PayPal as a payment system, many People in Germany have been ripped off to the point that Germany is going to cut off PayPals service. People need to wake Up, PayPal has more class action lawsuits Pending then any company in the world. I talked to many people that shop online, Most of then say why would I want to sign up for paypal just to shop on ebay. PayPal is the last place your money is safe, For one PayPal and eBay is not governed By the FDIC Banking Laws, Its a Pay service ran by a bunch of under Paid call center students in the Philippines, Call Center out sourcing is Highly dangerous. Americans information is given to people in a country known to steal credit information and sell your information online. Want the name, Outsource-Consultants.com eBay does everything it can to hide it's consumer agenda. Just Look up eBay with the SEC filings. As a Hole eBay is bad for your Business. Till California does something with the fraud on eBay, California State officials are part of the Crime.
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