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How to Make Your Own Chuppah Craft for Children

Teach your children about Jewish wedding traditions by making a mini chuppah using a few simple craft materials. A bride and groom stand beneath a chuppah -- which is a fabric overhang -- as part of a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony. The chuppah is intended to be set up under open skies to symbo

How to Make a Rosary Bracelet Out of Rose Petals

Rose petal rosary jewelry is a neat phenomena that makes use of fresh, real rose petals as the main part of the jewelry. One might find that hard to believe, but in fact, making rose petal beads is achievable, albeit messy. Knowing how to make your own rosary bead bracelet with rose petals gives you

How to Sew a Rolled Button Up Cuff

Though clothing fashions and styles change over time, the essential skills required to tailor or repair the clothes do not. Rolled cuffs can be secured in a fashionable manner through the use of a support. This project offers a perfect way to repurpose some of those long sleeve, button up shirts han

How to Get a Hero or Dark Chaos for DX

"Sonic Adventure DX" is an action game developed by Sonic Team and released by Sega for the Nintendo GameCube. Players take on the role of Sonic the Hedgehog as he collects chaos emeralds and leads a team of friends against the evil Dr. Robotnik. As part of the game, the player can raise small anima

Paint by Numbers History

Paint by number kits have been available to hobbyists for over 50 years. They help produce an appreciation for art and can inspire the user to go on to paint other types of projects.

How to Sew a Rosette With a Sewing Machine

Knowing how to use your sewing machine to create a rosette -- a flower made of fabric -- allows you to embellish all sorts of items. Place fabric rosettes on throw pillows, window treatments, shower curtains and more. Fabric rosettes can also be used to spice up a boring blazer or jacket, as well

The Barcode Project

Up until 2003, biological specimens were identified primarily by professional taxonomists examining features such as size, shape and color. Now with the barcode project, scientists can take tiny tissue samples and have them digitally analyzed and collected into a database that identifies DNA sequenc

Stamping Ideas for Fanciful Flowers

Rubber stamps are one way to incorporate floral designs into crafting projects.Rubber stamp image by Bartlomiej Nowak from Fotolia.comStamping is a whimsical and flexible crafting medium. Floral stamps add a sense of romance, elegance and fun to arts and crafts projects. Fanciful floral...

Bobble Knitting Techniques

Bobbles are three-dimensional features in knitted garments, formed by working multiple increases (usually three or five) in a single stitch, according to Vogue Knitting Magazine. These are indicated by MB (make bobble) in knitting patterns. Used as an embellishment or to add texture, bobbles are com

How to Sew Buttons on a German Bread Bag

A German bread bag is a type of bag that German soldiers used in World Wars I and II to carry around food and other items. These bags are shaped in a rounded square pattern and have several straps and buckles. The bags were held together with buttons. If the buttons come off the fabric, you can easi

DIY Large Fabric Chandelier Using an Embroidery Circle

Fabric-covered chandeliers are the trend these days. Make an affordable version using an existing or old chandelier and a do-it-yourself fabric chandelier drum cover. This version of fabric drum cover has attached loops that make it a snap to remove, wash and re-install. Make several of these affo

How to Crochet Suede Baby Booties

One of the cutest things you can make for a baby are crochet baby booties, and adding suede to the design will give your baby a chic new look. Crocheted booties are a stylish way for your little ones to keep their feet warm, and the suede on the bottom adds strength and keeps the yarn from unravelin

How to Get Smell Out of Keen Sandals

Keen makes shoes and sandals that claim to be healthy for the feet, comfortable and attractive. They carry a warranty that takes care of any wear problems you may encounter. For the most part Keen sandals are easy to care for, but even the best-made sandals can acquire odors from the ground, getting

Tips To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids In A Natural Way

Hemorrhoids are a common and very frustrating problem.Hemorrhoids by themselves are rarely serious, however, they may be a cover up for other medical problems that are more serious, such as, colon or rectal cancer.Therefore, being seen by your physician and getting an accurate diagnosis is most n

How to Make a Tea Cosy

There is nothing quite so charming and pleasant as a teapot of brewed tea sitting attractively on a table under a tea cozy. A tea cozy is a thick fabric covering that slips down over the top of a teapot and is used to keep brewed tea in a teapot warm. Tea drinkers typically have at least one fabric

How to Make a Recycled Mylar Balloon Tote

Mylar balloons can provide a instant supply of cheer to any birthday party. But afterwards, they just as quickly deflate into a wrinkled heap, and find themselves thrown into the trash. With a little bit of craftiness, however, these countless balloons need not suffer such a short life span. In fact

"Twilight" the Movie: Card Game Instructions

"Twilight" The Movie: Card Game is based on the film of the same name. "Twilight" is a film adapted from the books of Stephanie Meyer involving a romance between a girl named Bella Swan and a vampire named Edward. The card game gives fans of the film the chance to test their knowledge and memory of

How to Make a Teddy Bear for a Baby Shower

If you have a baby shower to go to and you want to present the mother-to-be with some necessary items, you can arrange them into a creative presentation that she will love. Making a teddy bear out of baby necessities, such as diapers and swaddling cloths, means more because you used your creativity

Tips on Stripping Wood

Stripping wood used to be the last resort when there was no way to restore an old finish. The introduction of chemical products that eased the job of stripping means that stripping can become a viable means of dealing with wood even if you have the legitimate option of simpler...

How to Make Parafin Candles

Candles brighten up rooms and fill them with a delightful scent. Paraffin wax burns well and it is inexpensive. Paraffin wax allows you to make candles in a variety of scents and shapes. Instead of purchasing paraffin candles, you can make your own at home. Once you master making paraffin candles, y