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How to Check Out a Used Car Before Buying It

So, you want to buy a used car. You probably know your budget and what make and model you want. You probably even know what color and the year you're looking for too. If you're lucky enough to find your dream car on that used car lot and it's in your budget there are a few more things

Audi TT Fuel Flap Removal

The Audi TT, which stands for Tourist Trophy (a race in Europe), is a compact luxury coupe based on a heavily modified VW Golf platform. It is a perennial favorite in the European import tuner scene because it is easy to work on and relatively cheap for a German luxury car. A nice aesthetic feature

How to Replace Brake Pads & Rotors on a 2002 Corvette

The 2002 Chevrolet Corvette has four-wheel disc brakes, duel piston front calipers and oversized front brake pads and rotors. While that might seem like overkill on a family car, for a Corvette that can easily top 140 mph, the ability to stop quickly and in a controlled manner is vital. The front br

The Symptoms of Motors With Stuck Rings

The piston rings fit into horizontal grooves in the pistons. The rings expand against the cylinder wall and seal the combustion chamber. This ensures that the engine maintains a consistent level of compression. Stuck piston rings are uncommon, but they do occur. There are two positions in which the

How to Replace a Fuel Filter in a Mitsubishi Eclipse

The fuel filter in your Mitsubishi Eclipse keeps the fuel injection system clean, which prevents plugged fuel injectors or a plugged fuel pressure regulator. Some mechanics recommend changing your fuel filter every 30,000 to 40,000 miles. Follow these directions to replace the fuel filter in your Mi

How Do You Clean Your Chrome Rims?

Nothing adds bling to your vehicle like a little bit of chrome. From small highlights and touches on the vehicle to large rims, chrome adds a touch that helps your vehicle stand out. Chrome does, however, require additional attention because it rusts far easier than the rest of your vehicle. So if y

Do it Yourself Canoe Motor Mounts

The design for a canoe motor mount consists of three parts: a crossbeam made of wood, extruded aluminum, or metal; which spans across behind the rear seat, two heavy duty three to four inch ninety degree "L" brackets; which will be used to attach the mount to the canoe, and a six to eight inch squar

How to Repair a Dent in a Motorcycle Gas Tank

If you ride a motorcycle, you will no doubt end up with a dent in the gas tank. In the past the only option was to have the tank removed, repaired and repainted. Or if you were lucky, a home dent repair kit worked but may or may not have damaged the paint. A better option, especially if you have a c

1971 Corvette Specs

The 1971 Stingray was part of Chevy's third generation of Corvettes.corvette image by Julianna Olah from Fotolia.comThe 1971 Corvette is part of what is known as the third generation of Chevy's legendary Corvette sports cars. As of 2010, the Corvette has survived through six generations...

How to Install Door Speakers

New car audio speakers are an excellent way to upgrade the sound of your car audio system. Removing the old speakers and replacing them with aftermarket speakers will provide you with better sound quality. The highs will be clearer, and the lows richer with higher quality speakers. Installing door s

Altima Dash Removal Tips

Nissan has been manufacturing Altima sedans since 1993. On occasion, Altima owners may need to remove the dash for basic repairs, reupholstering or car stereo replacement. Diagrams pinpointing the location of screws and can help take the guesswork out of the process. Consult your local...

How to Adjust the Head Lights on a 1989 Toyota Camry

Headlight adjustment is something that can be done at home with a certain amount of preparation and an attention to detail. Improperly adjusted headlights can pose a hazard to other drivers at night since they can temporarily blind oncoming drivers and cause an accident. If you feel you have not adj

How to Fix a Passenger Side Car Window

Automotive windows use a window regulator to raise or lower a section of glass into the door. This regulator or its components can fail, and the window will require repair. Fixing a passenger car window will take the average backyard mechanic about an hour.

How to Replace the Tilt Tube on an Outboard

The tilt tube on your boat's motor is the hollow tube that the steering cable runs into and through at the motor. It's also the "hinge" that allows your motor to tilt up and down when you use the tilt-and-trim control. You can replace your outboard motor's tilt tube as part of your winter layup, you

How to Detect a Cracked Engine Block

A cracked engine block is a serious problem that cannot be repaired permanently and indicates the need for replacement of the short block (the lower half of the motor) or the car itself (depending on the vehicle's age and value versus the cost of parts and labor). Although rare, cracks do occur and

Specifications for an XDI Air Intake

An XDI True Flow intake system is a high-performance cold-air intake for trucks. The XDI air intake kit includes redesigns and superior after market performance in cold air intake systems. The XDI True Flow intake system increase many aspects of your trucks performance.

How to Tune Ignition Timing

In nearly all vehicles from the mid-1980s and earlier, setting the timing was a common maintenance operation. Typically, any time a major tune-up was performed (cap, rotor, points, plugs and wires), the timing needed to be set. In the new age, timing is electronically set and there is no easy way t

How to Remove Stains From a Dashboard

We use our cars to get us to work and for various other purposes, including weekend travel and cross-country trips. We do everything in our car from eating and drinking our favorite beverages to putting on makeup. This can result in stains in our car interior, including the dashboard. You can purcha

How to Remove Touch Up Paint That Has Dried on the Car Door

Touch-up paint can be a valuable tool when trying to cover small scratches and chips that inevitably strike the surface of your car's doors over time. However, these paints often do not match the color of the car's original door paint and have a tendency to dry quickly, not allowing sufficient time

99 Civic Engine Types

In 1973, Honda took a leap from the motorcycle world into the world automobile manufacturing. The first car Honda produced was the 1973 Civic. The 1999 Civic came in a total of six trim levels: CX, DX, HX, LX, EX and SI. These six trim levels used four different versions of the same 1.6-liter engine