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How to Settle Judgments Without Bankruptcy

A judgment is a court-issued order for you to pay back money you owe to a creditor. Because it costs money for a creditor to file a lawsuit and get a legal judgment against you, many creditors will pursue other means of collection first. Typically, a judgment comes after months of phone calls, lette

My Credit Report and Rating at Little Or No Cost

There are many things that must come together in order to ensure financial stability for people all over the world. These things must all work before a person is able to get the loan or mortgage that they want, as well as being able to get credit cards and other things.

Flight Rewards Credit Cards

A flight reward credit card are designed for those people who they call frequent fliers or in other term those people who loves to travel from one country to another. If your one of that ...

What the Credit Card Companies Don't Want You to Know

Even if you make your credit card payments on time, the credit card bank can raise your interest rate automatically if you're late on payments elsewhere -- such as on another credit card or on a phone, car, or house payment -- or simply because the bank feels you have taken on too much debt.

Credit Cards Being Warmed Up

A recent article by the BBC reported that there has been declines in the amount people are withdrawing from their ATM machines. Instead debit cards are being used as an alternative for cash for small purchases. After all it's so much easier to whip out the old card from the wallet than ferret a

Get Out of Debt With Credit Counseling

It can happen to anyone at anytime. Certain life events happen that cause a person to get in over their head financially. It could be sickness, home repairs, an unexpected child or even just mismanagement of money. The stress caused by this situation can tear relationships apart. As bad as things mi

Get your Free Credit Reports

You should always take advantage of the fact that you can get one free credit report each year. There are three main credit bureaus and you should get a copy from each of them and ...

Life in Plastic, It's Fantastic?

If you are prepared to look for them you can be sure to come by a good credit card deal, however, you have to make sure that your credit rating and history are up to scratch in order to secure the best deal. In a society that thrives on material possession, people increasingly use their credit card

Mistakes To Avoid With Your Credit Score

When it comes to your credit score, not all mistakes are equal. Some mistakes can have a much larger effect than others. There are some common blunders which can be avoided if you know about them and understand when to use caution. The biggest mistakes are the ones that can cause your credit score t

Fly High with Travel Rewards Credit Card

In an effort to encourage the use of credit cards for purchases, credit card companies offer the rewards program that give card holders some perks and incentives as they use their credit cards more often. ...

Teens and Credit #10 - Credit Repair Tips and Tools

Learning about credit, how it works, what it is, how to build it, how to hurt it, why we need it, how it can help us, and how to fix it, can be a more important lesson to a teenager than anything they learn in school this year. We can all agree that the average adult does not need to use European hi

Finding An Airline Miles Credit Card That Fits Your Lifestyle

Airline miles credit cards can save you plenty of money, but only if the card is designed to fit your personal travel and spending style. Luckily, there are lots of cards to choose from, making it as simple as finding a tool to compare airline credit cards to find the right one for your personal lif

Free Credit Cards - Do They Exist?

With interest rates rising, and more and more fees being introduced, owning a credit card these days has become a rather expensive proposition. But alas, I had to answer them by saying that no, there is no such thing as free credit cards.

What Is a Sony Preferred Card?

Sony's Preferred Card was initiated in 1999, as part of its then newly launched Sony Preferred Customer Program. It was enacted to serve as a cardholders' rewards program, similar to that of many of today's banking institutions.

The Best Low-Balance Credit Cards

Credit cards can be used for everyday purchases or making long-term purchases that are paid off over time. In return for the latter service, credit card issuers charge an interest rate, compounded monthly, on outstanding balances. Customers who will likely carry balances month to month should consid

You Need to Fix Your Credit Score

Thinking about financing your new purchase? Have you checked your credit score recently? I hate to break it to you but your credit score is one of the most important things in our world. Your credit score tells lenders everything about you. Even if it is not an accurate representation of whom you ar

Prepaid Debit Card Offers - Are They Right For You?

If you have less-than-perfect credit, you may find it hard to get approved for a regular credit card. You still have some credit options, however. One of these is the prepaid debit card. Following is information on how this type of card works, its advantages and disadvantages, and two to consider ap