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Vat and the Central Taxes in Mumbai, India

VAT Council of States, the body of State Finance Ministers and Standing Council of Commissioners have agreed that the VAT should be implemented all over India from 1-4-2001. One thing is certain that

Top Ten Tax Credits for 2010

1. COBRA - Taxpayers who lost their jobs between Sept 2008 and May of 2010 may qualify for reduced health insurance premiums. 2.

Bank On Yourself Tax Relief

Author and financial expert Pamela Yellen provides some comic and financial relief on one of people’s least favorite topics — taxes.

Why Getting A Texas Property Tax Loan Is A Better Idea

Computing Texas property tax is a big job shouldered by your local assessor. As a proprietor you can know yourself how much appraisal your house could value. The first step is to plan a trip to your l

Offshore Tax Evasion

Like many other countries of the world, each citizen is required to pay taxes which are used by the government in bringing about development in a country. This study will examine the aspect of tax eva

True Stories of IRS Tax Debt - The Trouble For Truckers

I receive letters and e-mails from people who need tax help and advice. All too often an independent business person, particularly truck drivers are hit hard by the IRS. Their lifestyle of always being on the road can make it hard for them to file their taxes on time. Also as our unfortunate debtor

Can You Deduct Garnishments From Your Income Taxes?

When a creditor attempts to forcibly extract payment from a debtor, he may garnish the individual's wages. When a person's wages are garnished, it means that his employer or another provider of income with siphon off a portion of the money and provide it the creditor until he is repaid. While the de

How to Avoid a Tax Intercept

If you owe certain government debts, your tax refund may be in danger of being intercepted via the Treasury Offset Program. The Treasury Offset Program is a way for federal and state agencies to collect on debts owed to them. Past-due child support, unpaid state income tax obligations or federal non

Let's Get Mad About Taxable Health Benefits

Untaxed health insurance benefits. Up until recently, it was a tradition basically grandfathered in. Reagan was the last president to publicly admit he'd considered repealing the exemption.

Tax Issues When Starting a New Business

You've decided to take the plunge. You are going to start your own business. Congratulations! There are some tax issues you need to consider before you start pursuing your dream business.

Tax Breaks for Mechanics

Whether working as an independent contractor or based out of a retail repair garage, a mechanic qualifies for all the legitimate Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax deductions available to any other small businessman. Not only are there obvious tax breaks for things like tool purchases, but also expe

The Home Office Deduction

The home office deduction is more than just a tax deduction. It can be the strat of a whole new ay of life. Find out how to properly run your home-based business.

Looking For Info About Federal Tax Rebates?

A number of people complain about the high volume of money they are forced to pay as federal income tax and other taxes. If you look properly you can find a number of avenues to get a federal tax rebate. This would allow you to control the money that you pay to the federal government in the form of

Can Anyone File a Tax Extension?

Preparing your tax return can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when April 15 closes in and you realize your return won’t be ready on time. Fortunately, anyone can file a tax extension. There are no special requirements and you can file an extension in just a few minutes.

Two Year Real Estate Resale Tax Rules

Taxpayers may sell their homes every two years without tax liabilities under certain circumstances.for sale by owner image by dead_account from Fotolia.comThe Internal Revenue Service's capital gains on property income regulations were amended in 1997 to allow homeowners to sell their...

Can I Claim My Grandchildren on My Taxes?

The Internal Revenue Service permits taxpayers to claim dependents, including grandchildren, on their income taxes to reduce their amount of taxable income for the year. However, to qualify the child must meet IRS requirements.