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Screening For Esophageal Cancer

The complete screening process of detecting esophageal caner is explained in detail. Also, learn how certain natural remedies help cure the disease.

Does Breast Cancer Awareness Saves Lives?

As Sidney Poiter said on the Oprah Winfrey show in March 2007, "I was left with the responsibility to effectuate my own survival." As adults, we're all accountable for our own survival. Yet as human beings, we need to ensure each other's survival by learning what is not always ea

Breast Cancer - What Are Your Options?

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer then you know that there are several hard options that you must choose from if you want to keep your breast or even live through it, but there is an option that most don't know about. An option that gives you a better chance of keeping your breast.

Prostate Cancer - A Survivor's Story Part 2

I reported into the hospital reception as requested on the afternoon of July 13 with the operation scheduled the following morning. I was taken up to the first floor and handed over to the ward staff. I was then shown to a private room not far from the nurses' station.

With Cancer Do We Have The Power To Choose Between Life And Death?

We only have a limited ability to cure someone of cancer with our current ways of treating it and often these don’t work. Also they have many faults, toxicity being just one of them. What we all tend to forget is that everybody has an immune system which is a powerful self healing system that

Cancer - When Medical Treatments Did Not Cure Anything

Betty underwent a hysterectomy. Three years later she had a tumour removed from her colon. The cancer spread to her brain. Another surgery was done but she suffered a recurrence barely three months later. After this, unfortunately, there was nothing much that could be done.

Latest Treatments on Breast Cancer

Treatment for breast cancer involves many types of approaches. The initial diagnosis and clinical work up is the guide to the type of treatment you will undergo.There are some criteria on which your c

Tiny Tubes May Kill Cancer Cells

Tiny tubes, about 10,000 times thinner than human hair, may zap cancer cells, as well as deliver disease-fighting genes to healthy ones.

Colorectal Cancer Information On Symptoms And Treatment

One type of cancer that you must be mindful of is colorectal cancer. It is a digestive problem which would lead to a lot of complications. You must alert yourself if you experience any of its symptoms so that you can seek help from a doctor immediately.

Breast cancer-not so benign

Breast cancer is characterized by abnormal growth of cells in breast. Although it usually affects women, it may be developed by some men.

Cell Phone Radiation Causes Cancer

Do you use a cell phone?Most people do.In fact, they have pretty much become something that no one can live without.No matter where you go, someone is talking into their cell phone, or has it shoved up against their head, listening.Unfortunately, those who use cell phones may be getting a little mor

Another Way to Breast Recovery - Sharing a Miracle

What's an alternative path to breast recovery, a different road to recovery from breast cancer?Literature abounds with suggestions for physical improvement, but what about the spiritual aspect?My recovery from breast cancer gained speed when I sought ways that I could share my experiences, sugg

Breast Cancer in the Family

When I returned home, I had no idea of what had happened during my three year absence. I was greeted by my mother who felt somehow softer and more fragile than I had remembered her. My brother looked in and he the strain of simply existing was evident on his face.