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GDI+ Graphics in Visual Basic 2005 .NET

GDI+ is the way to draw shapes, fonts, images or generally anything graphic in Visual Basic 2005 .NET. This article is part 5 of a complete introduction for programmers. In this article, the concept of a coordinate space is explained and graphic transformations using the Matrix object is demonstrate

How to Copy Mac OS X Files Into Windows XP

Apple's Mac OS X Leopard operating system added the Boot Camp feature that allowed an Apple computer to boot both Mac OS X and Windows on the same machine. However, it can still be difficult to transfer documents from one operating system to the next, and the precise workaround you use will depend u

How to Install Mavis Beacon on Windows Vista

For more than a decade, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing has been a popular keyboarding skill-building tool. The program is ideal for teaching children and beginning typists the home row and proper keyboarding form as well as how to reach for the proper keys with the proper fingers for maximum typing spe

How to Fix Windows 2000 Shortcuts Freeware

ShortcutsMan is a freeware utility that automatically finds broken shortcuts and fixes them. ShortcutsMan does not need to be installed, and is a great program to keep on a USB stick if you ever need to fix shortcuts on another computer.

How to Install Free Sound Devices for Windows XP

Installing free sound device driver files to your Windows XP computer enables you to use the audio device hardware currently connected to your machine. Accomplish this through the Device Manager of the computer, which is the central repository for all device drivers on the Windows XP system. This ta

How to Get Rid of Win Messenger Icon on Task Bar

Windows Messenger is an IM service that allows you to keep in contact with your friends, family or business contacts with a chat-like interface. Some versions of Windows operating systems have Windows Messenger installed and displayed in the taskbar by default. Removing Windows Messenger can be done

How to Compress a DBX

Microsoft Outlook Express uses "dbx" files to store messages. These files are organized by message folder name such as "Inbox.dbx," "Deleted Items.dbx", "Sent Items.dbx", "Outbox.dbx", and more. As you accumulate and archive email messages, the "dbx" folders can get quite large. You can compress t

How To Make a Lexmark Printer for XP Print on Windows Vista

Your Lexmark printer might have been originally designed for use with Windows XP, but there is little preventing you from using it with your Vista system. The only major change you will have to make is updating your system drivers for Windows Vista, which will enable the Vista operating system to re

How To Stop Automatic Windows Updates In Windows 7

Windows 7 comes with Automatic Updates enabled so that the operating system will automatically download and install any new updates from Microsoft. If you don't want to have your computer perform this operation for you, you can stop automatic updating by disabling Automatic Updates in the operating

How to Restore Toughbook CF-30 on XP

The Toughbook CF-30 is a Panasonic notebook computer which ships with either the Windows Vista or Windows XP operating system. Restoring the Windows XP operating system on your XP-equipped version of the CF-30 enables you to remove any defects in the installation files contained on the system hard d

How to Upgrade From XP 64Bit to Vista

Windows XP Professional x64 Edition is the only 64-bit version of Windows XP available. Performing an upgrade from XP Profession x64 to any version of the Windows Vista operating system (OS) requires a full installation. "Upgrade" copies of the Windows Vista installation CD will incur errors during

The Process of Aging Photo Images

BasicsThis is the same photo with the filter Aged Photo.Photos can be aged in several ways in Adobe Photoshop. Some of the techniques hearken back to film photography, such as sepia toning. Others, such as Aged Photo, are new and specific to digital imaging software. Aged Photo, a preset...

What is the Purpose of a Window's Weep Hole?

The purpose of a window's weep hole is to drain water away from the window, keeping the water out of the building and protecting the window sill. Found at the bottom of storm window frames, these little holes must be kept clear to function properly. If the weep holes clog for a long period of time,

How to Reinstall a Print Service

The printing service and component in Windows is a removable feature for users who do not need or want to use a printer. This makes it very easy to troubleshoot and repair if a problem arises. While most built-in components in Windows usually do not have a direct method to uninstall or reinstall, th

How to Repair Oledlg Dll

Oledlg.dll is a system file that is used by Windows and other applications. It is often accessed when you are installing new programs on your system. If you are receiving errors naming the Oledlg.dll file as the problem, you will need to repair your system to prevent the errors from recurring. The e

How to Download Windows Installer 3.1 for XP

Windows Installer is a tool designed to assist your PC in installing or uninstalling software. Microsoft offers this component on its website at no additional charge to the user. Windows Installer 3.1 is available for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. This utility comes in two versio

Art Deco Window Treatments

In the 1920s, a new decorating style swept the world. Inspired by the 1925 Paris World's Fair, the "Exposition des Arts Decoratifs" put forth the name "art deco." The art deco style is characterized by crystalline structures, streamlined classicism and a sleek, mechanized look that includes metal-t

How to Create Windows Cursors

The cursor is an icon that allows you to navigate through an operating system and execute certain programs. In most cases, the cursor resembles an arrow. Fortunately, Windows operating systems allow users to change the appearance of the cursor to an image or theme that matches their preferences.