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How-To Guide for Using DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink is a software application that compresses standard video DVDs into a size that can be recorded on typical recordable DVDs. A standard video DVD holds approximately 7.95 gigabytes of data. A typical recordable DVD holds approximately 4.7 gigabytes of data. DVD Shrink compresses the vide

How Are Excel Spreadsheets Similar to Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheets?

The electronic spreadsheet was a landmark application, persuading business users to take a chance on the revolutionary idea of a personal computer in the office. Lotus 1-2-3 and Microsoft Excel have a long history of competition, bringing new features and capabilities to market with nearly every new

A Guide to Stop Your Computer Crashing

There are many different computers out there which are constantly crashing and making it extremely difficult to use them. This is a problem which affects many computers and is caused by a series of different issues that can all develop at any time. Fortunately, there's are ways to stop this pro


Several hours of sweat and tears and a mixture of blood with it accompanied my first call to a tech support provider. I really needed to hasp up to the internet with my new computer ...

Combat Gray Market Sales Today

The term “gray market” can be used in multiple ways. The two primary usages of this term indicate a market for legal goods that is carried on in a manner that is not intended by the original manufacturer of the goods.

How to Fix a Macro Warning on a Word Document When It Is Opened

Macros are a series of recorded commands used in documents to perform an action. Shortcut keys are assigned to macros. When you press a shortcut key, the process automatically runs, which speeds up efficiency. In Microsoft Word, macros perform automated processes, such as finding and replacing certa

Design Your Web Pages By Using Various Software Applications

Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Adobe Dreamweaver, Net Objects Fusion Essentials and Notepad ++ are some of the popular software applications. Make use of the best software tool or choose the best web designer for creating your website perfectly.

How to Add a Reserve Address for Windows Password

When you forget the password to your email, most services have an option for you to recover the password by emailing you a password reset link. If you've lost your email password to the email address where the link was sent, however, such recovery methods are not helpful. Fortunately, Windows Live a

How to Convert QuickTime Files to Media Player

QuickTime video files are "MOV," "QT" and "M4V." Typically, these files can only run in the QuickTime Media Player. The Windows Media Player allows several types of file formats. However, "WMV" file type is the most common without the need of additional add-ons. Converting QuickTime files to Media P

How to Make an MP3 File to WAV Tones

The MPEG Layer 3 audio file format, known to most as the MP3 container, remains the most prevalent extension used for digital audio. A product of the Moving Picture Experts Group, nearly every piece of audio software on both Macs and PCs can make use of MP3 files. However, one circumstance under whi

Introducing Colour Surprise

Colour Surprise is a simple, free stand-alone application for Windows that can help you to apply unusual and unexpected color effects to your photos. Take a look at the effects you can achieve with Colour Surprise and consider some ways to use the resulting images.

Slice App: Easier Returns, Price Drop Notifications

Slice is a mobile app for iPhone or Android that makes returning merchandise to stores, both online and off. Slice also lets you know when the price drops on something you recently purchased.

How to Create Files for an MP3 Player

The MP3 format is one of the most widely used music file types available. Depending upon the size of their memory, MP3 players can hold hundreds of songs and keep you listening to your favorite songs for days. Due to the flexibility of MP3 players, it's easy to customize your own playlists and mix y

Software Tools for Publishing and Managing Bibliographies

Bibliography software can help you organize your references.compact discs image by tim elliott from Fotolia.comReferencing your sources is an important part of academic writing. There are several free software packages that help you create and share citations and bibliographies with your...

Is The Used Computer Have Any Use?

Computers are mechanical devices that allow you to create, store and even manipulate your data later on. It is the most important part in our daily life today and that is why it is in the greatest demand. Computers find its uses in every field and discipline. As such more and more people are looking

What Is the File Extension Drw?

The DRW file extension is a popular extension for various drawing files. Most of these drawings are used in computer-aided drafting for engineers; however, some programs create DRW files for other types of drawings.

How to Restore a Document in Microsoft Word

Losing a Word document can be a frustrating experience, and there are many reasons why this could occur. Perhaps you accidentally deleted the file or saved it in a different folder than where you normally save your documents. Word creates many temporary and auto recovery files while you are working