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If My Ex-Girlfriend Claims That She Lives With Me, How Do I Evict Her?

If you have broken up with your girlfriend and she claims she lives with you, even though she doesn't, you are well within your rights to evict her. If the lease is in your name, she is not legally a part of your household. Evicting an ex-girlfriend is less a matter of what to do and more a matter o

10 Best Breakup Lines

Honestly, telling someone, "I want to breakup with you!" is very difficult to say when ending a relationship and be mindful also that it is not a very comfortable thing to accept either. Nevertheless, we all look for an indirect way of admitting this fact. For that, we have created the bes

Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back - Don't Do These Things, Whatever You Do

Going after your ex girlfriend, you are going to make some mistakes. That is to be expected and to think otherwise is just not being realistic. If you think that you have to be perfect to get your ex girlfriend back, then you are almost guaranteed to fail. However, just as with anything else in life

3 Steps to Winning Your Ex Back

Going through a break up and then trying to get your ex back can seem like a difficult task. Today we're going to break it down into simple steps so that you can get back into your relationship as quickly as possible...

The Secrets to Getting Back With Your Ex When All Looks Lost

When all looks lost when trying to get back with your ex, it can be an extremely frustrating time. So many emotions are running through your head and it can be a difficult time. Understanding a few things and using some certain techniques will help the chances of getting your ex back.

How to Get Back on Track on Your Job

A multitude of events, such as family issues, health problems or even boredom, can send us off the rails at work. The problem with a drop in performance at work is that it often puts your job on the line, which can further complicate any problems you may be having. Fortunately, there are a few simpl

Is the Time Right to Get Your Ex Back?

Is now the right time to get your ex back? There are some things you need to be sure before you do try to get back with your former partner. Perhaps they've moved on and start a new relationship with another person, or there may still be issues that need to be worked out between the two of you.

You Have a 90 Percent Chance of Getting Your Ex Back!

Breaking up from a long term relationship is emotionally challenging and to recover from it is even more difficult. And if you are still not over your ex, the recovery process becomes even more challenging. But what if I tell you that there is a chance that you can get your ex back.

The Best Way To Get Back At Your Ex-Girlfriend

So you've just ended a long term relationship. You're now single and on the prowl, and the time has come to meet new women. I don't envy your position. If you read this article though, you should get enough tips to make your transition back into the dating world not only enjoyable, bu

4 Tips For Healing a Broken Heart

If you have ever had your heart broken then you know how devastating it can be. But you don't have to feel like this forever. Healing a broken heart is possible if you know what to do.

Can Separation Save A Marriage?

Sometimes, married life may become extremely stressful and the couple may find it miserable to live together. When this happens, some couples wish to have a trial separation which may help to work thr

How to Get Your Ex Back When She Won't Even Talk to You

It was a bad breakup, an angry breakup. You both said things that were better left unsaid and now you're sorry. You want to apologize, but how are you going to do that if she refuses to take your phone calls, rejects your emails and tosses your unopened letters into the garbage?

Ways to Save Your Relationship - Stop Chasing Your Ex

Can you save your relationship even if you're the only one trying? The good news is that couples get back together every day regardless of the situation, and there is a good chance you can too.

Top Tip For Getting Your Ex Back

Everyone had the misfortune of being a part of the end of a relationship at some point during their 'dating career'. And even though the most convenient solution seems to be to just put it behind you and move on, there is a different option...

The Benefit Of Writing Letters To Get Your Ex Back

How do you feel about writing letters to get your ex back? Do you think this a good idea or could it be better to be in touch with them face to face? There are excellent points to both of these method