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Bad Reception on My Blackberry Curve

If the reception on your BlackBerry Curve starts to deteriorate, it can result in a poor quality connection and eventually a dropped call or severed connection. While there is no one reason for a bad connection, you can do a number of things to try to isolate, then correct, the problem.

Enjoy speedy multitasking with Android Phones

Android phones are the latest trend in the souk and everyone want to avail these handsets. You will be amaze to know that every leading service providers of UK are offering cheap deals on these gizmos

How to Test FB Apps

Facebook (FB) applications are integrated into the Facebook user interface. For example, your Facebook application can use Facebook functionality, such as Requests, which allow users to invite their friends to interact with your application. Test your Facebook application using test user accounts. T

How to Fix Your Toshiba TV

Nobody wants to deal with the possibility that the Toshiba television you just paid hundreds of dollars for is giving you problems. You may turn it on one day and find the picture distorted, the sound not functioning or any number of other things. Luckily, Toshiba television sets have an on-board se

How do I Get Music to an SD Micro Flash Card?

Many modern personal electronic devices such as cell phones and PDAs utilize a file storage format known as MicroSD. This is a tiny flash memory card that slides into a slot in your personal device, and can typically store text, video, or music files for use on the device. It's small size allows i

A BluRay DVD player is the perfect holiday gift

If you're looking for a special holiday gift this year, look no further than a BluRay DVD player. If you haven't heard about BluRay players yet, or maybe you recognize the name but haven't been ...

How to Identify a TV Antenna

In order to view programming on your TV you must connect your TV to an antenna or cable connection. Identifying a TV antenna is a problem you may not incur until you set up a TV for the first time or switch antenna signals. Choosing the right antenna input is a vital step to connecting your TV, and

Are Refurbished TVs a Good Deal?

Televisions are getting more advanced every day -- and pricier, too. Refurbished televisions offer better prices on the newest technology but also carry significant risk.


High definition television broadcasts are a type of digital television signal used to provide viewers with increased sound and picture quality. The first HDTV receivers became commercially available in 1998.

How to Load Music Onto SanDisk From a CD

SanDisk makes a variety of external flash media storage devices and media players. If you have a SanDisk player, simply connect it to your computer and drag files from the computer to the player to copy them. However, those files must already reside on the computer. To load a SanDisk with music from

How to Unlock Blackberry Pearl for Verizon

To unlock a Blackberry Pearl 8200 series for Verizon first requires obtaining the phone's unlock code. In many instances, your current service provider can supply the code. However, many will only do so if you have at least 90 days of phone service and are in good standing. If your service provider

How to Make Curly Hair Look Great at a Photo Shoot

Many hands are at work when it comes to staging a successful photo shoot. From the set designers and art director, to the fashion stylist and, of course, the photographer, creating the right look requires some consideration from several skilled artistic minds. Styling hair on a photo shoot also requ

Samsung I900 Tips

The Samsung I900 Omnia is a touchscreen smartphone equipped with multimedia functions that allow it to act as a camera, camcorder and mp3 player. The I900 has a Windows operating system that allows users to synchronize their phone to their computer in order to easily transfer music, pictures and vid

How to Hook Up Cable Splitters

Cable splitters are generally used when there is only one line of cable running into a home or business and another connection is needed for a second device within the same building. Cable splitters come in a variety of sizes. Depending on your needs, you can choose anything from a two-way splitter

How Do I Turn on the Satellites on My Garmin GPS?

GPS devices gather data in the form of satellite signals to determine your position and help you navigate to addresses and locations stored in the device's internal maps. Many Garmin GPS models have an internal antenna that you need to position correctly (i.e., activate) for the Garmin GPS unit to s

Nokia X2 Handset – GSM Handset Based On Series 40 OS

Nokia is synonym for producing stylish, sturdy, reliable handsets with latest technologies and new features. Nokia is famous for making high-tech mobile phones in the market and it has announced its n

Lost or Deleted a Spotify Playlist? Quickly Restore it by Undeleting!

If you have accidentally (or purposefully) deleted one of your Spotify playlists and want it back, then you'd think that the chances of recovery are pretty non-existent. However, there's a way to bring Playlists back from the abyss without having to start from scratch. This tutorial will s