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'Neighbors from Hell

A review of Neighbors from Hell by Todd Breitenbach, guest author for Animated TV at Find out if Neighbors from Hell is worth watching.

How to Learn About Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a way of delivering entertainment media that uses computer generated graphics transposed over real-life scenes. AR has the capability of improving the visual experience of television watching as well as improving the ease with which we navigate through cities. The language

The Sharp Aquos Quattron Quad Pixel Technology 80 Inch TV Experience

This is the Sharp Aquos Quattron LED 80 inch TV experience. This is an awesome TV and when it is setup, programmed and calibrated properly has a breath taking picture. Your best deal may be from the guy who knows the product best and can professionally calibrate it. In addition providing Sharp servi

Guide to Buying a DVD Player

Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Dics Player or as we know DVD Player is a type of optical data storage standard capable in holding information of 17 gigabytes (GB). This was developed as an improvement of compact disc (CD) devices.

Make Sure Your Right Telecine Selection

It includes a process of rotate coil located about the scanning tube to apply a magnetic field perpendicular to the axis of the electron beam to effect rotation of the raster. The degree of rotation depends on the amount of current flow and the direction of the flow and means to compensate for the d

5 Reasons Why Wolverine Rocks

These are the 5 reasons why Wolverine is such a great movie. Wolverine has it all romance, action. It is a definite must see.

Dante's Peak Movie Review

I was given this to watch by a colleague at work who was very surprised to find out that I hadn't seen it. I am not really a big fan of disaster movies in general so I have never considered watching it in the past. I thought I may as well give it a watch, so I stuck some Brahma in the fridge an

Force Music Review

A stylized thriller among the new wave of Indian films paying homage to the seminal Indian action genre, 'FORCE' combines state-of-the-art fight sequences and thrills with an original romantic narrative,

Advancements In Panasonic Televisions

With time the human race has grown a lot and has witnessed many trend changing happenings and inventions that has carried the human race forward and has turned it into a developed and a dominant ...

Plot Points --Thieve's Highway (1949)

Plot points are linear links that make up the chain of traditional Aristotelian 3-act dramatic structure. This classic structure worked well in Hollywood for almost a century now. Although young movie makers are forcing the limits of this structure, plot points still rule the day as the "tent p

The Future of Television in the Age on the Internet

One day soon we may be watching television with a multimedia Google search on the screen as well as choices for a future YouTubeTV and Internet television companies that may not even exist yet.

Video Editing Services

Right from high school students to business houses and homemakers everyone is interested in making videos. The mode of audio-visual communication has become an integral part of our lives and also for promotion of products. With the technological revolution it has also become easy for people to shoot

The 5 Rules of Road Trip Movies

From "National Lampoon's Vacation" to "RV" the road trip movie is an often used theme for making movies and it's not a new thing either because go back to 1953 and Britain gave us a take on the road trip movie with the amusing "Genevieve". But the thing is abo