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Erotica Adult Stories - A Confession!

How I stumbled across a whole new genre. A true story - Or what happens when an underworked and overpaid author is bored & there's nothing on the telly or - indulge in a little fantasy? Don't mind if I do!

Article Writing Tips - 5 Steps to Make Your Web Copies More Effective

1. Get the pulse of your target audience. There is no better way to start the process than knowing what your target audience are looking for. Find ways on how you can communicate with these people and ask for the specific information that they want to obtain. Through this, you'll find it a lot

Grants for Military Veterans

A number of grants are available to U.S. military veterans.Cash image by Greg Carpenter from Fotolia.comVeterans of the United States military receive a number of benefits for their service. There's the respect and pride that comes with having been a member of a unique service, but there...

How to Write a Music Appreciation Paper

Writing a music appreciation paper can seem overwhelming, especially if the subject is something you consider to be uninteresting or confusing. Regardless of the topic, there are ways to overcome and write a paper that will impress the teacher and earn that A. Set aside the time necessary to researc

Golden Nuggets From Successful Authors

Since the Successful Author Secrets program is in full swing this month, I wanted to give you some golden nuggets of information shared by our expert panel thus far in the program. Read more...

Write Your Own Sales Brochure

Business owners can save money by writing their own sales brochures. The purpose of the sales brochure is to help you sell your products or services. Nothing else. It's an important sales tool that should fit logically into the buying process and move your customer on to the next step.


Why I teach mathematics? This is a question that does have many answers, depending on where emphasis is placed. I teach mathematics because I am fortunate enough to have discovered that it is “my thin

Write Articles in 15 Minutes - The Purpose of A Squeeze Page

When you create and use a squeeze page, you are giving someone the opportunity to opt-in to your list and thereby gain access to your web site and all the valuable information contained therein. I have found that with the use of a squeeze page, visitor to subscriber rates of up to 70% can be achieve

Grab Readers With These 8 Proven Headline Formats!

Want your headlines to produce BIG results for you? Of course you do! You didn't spend all that time creating blog posts, brochure copy, or opt-in content just to amuse yourself, right? But plunking down a headline as an after-thought ain't gonna cut the mustard.

Birthday Gifts5 Unique Gift Ideas

When choosing a gift you need to look for something that is useful and at the same time has a sentimental value behind it. You can give the recipient something that could make him or her associate the gift with you, or you may just want to give something that could inspire him or her.

Elevators and Public Speaking

Flipping through a magazine the other day, I noticed an article on the behaviors we adopt when in an elevator with strangers. It reminded me of the Psychology class I took in college. The article, and the project from my college class, were both based on our behavior in confined spaces and what it s

Don't Let Your Book Media Kit Disappoint You

Effective media kits for books are something that you must help to create. And you can do it, even if you've never written a media kit or even seen one. A book publicist will take the lead, but you should take an active part in the media kit creation process -- whether or not your book publicis

The Best Way To Definitely Make A Living Trading Foreign Exchange

You will discover differences in between enterprise options, for example their sizing. You're engaging from the entire world's largest foreign money dealing platform with forex. In case you'd like to generate by far the most of Overseas Change options, review these recommendations.

The Experienced Wings

The wings were formed inside the mother's womb.After birth they moved.Growing day by day they became experienced.After boyhood and youth they are now in adolescence.The warrior always feel th