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What Does A Woman Want In A Man?

When I was growing up as a young undergraduate, something used to bother my mind so terribly that I would be wondering whether it will be easy for me to settle down as a married ...

What It Takes to Make a Woman Fall in Love and Commit

It is something that you have been thinking about a lot lately. You want to know how to make a woman fall in love because you have your heart set on being able to make one woman in particular feel like she is falling head over heels for you. What can you do?

Infidelity & Divorce on One Heaping Plate

Divorce alone is a crisis that can bring people to their knees. From shock and denial to anger and depression, even the strongest are shaken by the recovery process. But what if infidelity is served on the same plate?What if the person you loved has chosen another over you?As he seemingly rides off

Divorce - How to Rebuild Your Life - The Church

Divorce is sometimes looked down upon for many religions. There are plenty of people that think you are a bad person because you are not getting a long with your spouse and you may be ...

Love Questions

This love quiz lets you ask a variety of fun, off-the-wall, and even serious questions of your date, boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse. I've included three different types of questions, which you can either turn into a love test, or pick-and-choose for the type of relationship conversation you w

Tips for a Successful Second Marriage

Second marriage means a second chance. It's another chance for our dreams, hopes and happiness to prosper in full bloom, rightly. However, a remarriage demands certain considerations to make it a lifelong successful bond.

Divorced Dad Tips - Finding A Great Lawyer

Finding a great lawyer when you are a divorced dad can be challenging. Any dad looking to gain or expand visitation or custody rights must do some research to find a lawyer that has a track record in Family Court.

Get Your Boyfriend Back - It Is Not Impossible

If you think it might be impossible to get your boyfriend back, be rest assured that the odds are in your favor. The problem is that most couples fail because they do not adhere to ...

The Most Romantic Locations To Propose Marriage

You are on a romantic vacation together and you find the time perfect to pop the question. But maybe you are at home and your parents' sitting room just makes it hard to be intimate enough or the restaurant of your hotel you are staying doesn't seem to be the right place to ask for a marri