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The Power Of A Seed

The continuity of all terrestrial creatures that flourish the face of the earth rely on a tiny, little object, that is the tiny, little seed. A seed is a physical representation of what I call potential. When you look at a seed, you cannot see its entire self, rather, only a small fraction of what i

What Month is Good to Start a Garden?

A garden is a source of enjoyment at all times of the year.Garden 2 image by Chad Perry from Fotolia.comStart in FallStarting a garden when average temperatures start to fall gives plenty of time for planning, weed clearance, hard landscaping and getting soil into condition for...

Flower Shops to Help Start Your Container Garden

Flower shops carry everything you need to start your own container garden. With the right pots or boxes, soil and plants, you can have a container garden flourishing beautifully all season long.

Begonia Plants

Are you looking to buy Begonia plants? Are you looking for information on the various types of Begonia plants available to you and what suppliers to purchase from? Are you looking for information on how to grow and care for Begonia plants? If you can answer yes to the following I highly recommend yo

How to Spray a Trumpet Vine

Trumpet vines can be wonderful, blossom-producing ornamental plants to some gardeners, and invasive weeds to others. This type of vine quickly spreads over the sides of houses, fences, driveways and sidewalks. If trumpet vines crowd out your other plants, or do not go with the aesthetics of your lan

The Production of Fertilizers

Fertilizers supply supplemental nutrients to plants. The agricultural industry is the greatest consumer of fertilizers in the country, applying them to the major crops—corn, soy, wheat—that all Americans rely on for food in order to ensure reliable yields. According to “Grounds Ma

Homemade Compost Spreaders

Manufactured compost spreaders come in a range of styles, from walk-behind, wheel-barrow-like spreaders to commercial tractor spreaders designed for covering large fields. For the humble gardener, something simple will do the trick, as long as it can distribute the compost at a consistent rate. The

Care of Bonsai Trees - They Like to Be Fed

Despite what some people might think, you do not starve a bonsai in order to stunt its growth. When you are taking care of bonsai trees, don't forget that just like you, they like to be fed. In fact, you can control how your tree grows by correct feeding.

Getting Your Carpets to Look Like New

Uh-oh! You just got off the phone with an out of town relative wanting to visit next week. You replied enthusiastically, almost meaning it.

The Basics of Soil Testing

Armed with the information from a soil test you can customize the fertilizer and/or lime applications for your specific plants or vegetables. By following these instructions you can reduce issues with under or over fertilization and give your plants and vegetables the optimum growing conditions.

How to Fertilize Liriope Lilies

If you have an area with no foot traffic that requires a ground cover, Liriope lilyturf is worth considering. A perennial, Liriope lilyturf bears purple flower spikes in summer and autumn. It thrives in sun or partial shade and does well under a tree. Liriope is such an easy grower that you can run

Impacts of Genetic Engineering on Biodiversity

The impact of genetic engineering for agriculture on biodiversity remains largely unknown. In a 2002 report in the journal "Futures," J. van den Bergh and J. Holley suggest that arguments against genetic engineering may be based on "emotional considerations and often lack a firm scientific basis." T

These Are the Best Tomatoes - And Here Is Why

Also, while most tomatoes are red in color, there are also those which are more oriented toward orange and yellow. In fact, yellow pear tomatoes are quite popular in the Fall and Winter months while red and orange are more popular during the Summer.

New Uses for Sugar

Granulated sugar has many uses.cristal-glass sugar-bowl and white sugar image by Maria Brzostowska from Fotolia.comSugar in its pure form is a white powdered or crystalline substance, consisting of sucrose, which is harvested from sugar beets or sugar cane and is characterized by a sweet...

Top 6 Advantages of Cork Underlayment

Over the years, cork tiles have become a preferred choice for builders and homeowners due to its numerous benefits. However, cork is not only being used as a direct flooring material, it is also popul

Tomato Gardening - 5 Tomato Gardening Tips For Great Tomato Harvest

If you are planning to start out with vegetable gardening, you have made the right choice for choosing tomato gardening. Tomato gardening is one of the simplest form of vegetable gardening that a newbie gardener can get started with. In this article, I will show you 5 tomato gardening tips that you

Never You Seen This Type Of Patio Umbrella In Life

The patio umbrella collection best deals - Wholesale patio umbrellas and Retail patio umbrellas. We provide the best Patio umbrellas available, umbrellas that everyone would be proud to showcase in their backyard or business facility.

Wooden Butterfly House

Because butterflies can be easily affected by cold and windy weather, they need a place of protection. A wooden butterfly house functions to provide shelter for butterflies especially from storms and strong winds. A butterfly ...

Fertilizer for Elm Trees

The American elm is a North American native tree that grows 60 to 80 feet, often with a graceful vase-shaped crown. They were commonly used as street trees before the introduction in the 1930s of Dutch Elm Disease (DED), which has killed many old specimens. Chinese elms are more commonly planted now