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Side Buckle Shoes of the 1990s

Side buckle shoes were trendy with nearly every shoe style in the '90s. Casual styles such as Mary Janes or Birkenstock sandals often buckled on the side. Even dressy shoes often had straps with side buckles in the '90s, which helped women manage the heavy, chunky heels of the day that were all the

How to Decorate Flip Flops With Bandanas

When you're outside and temperatures are soaring, you want to stay as cool as you can. This is why sandals -- but especially flip-flops -- are a great idea. They are made with just enough material to keep them on your feet. But just because flip-flops are practical doesn't mean you can't be stylish

How to Wrap Head Wraps, Scarves and Turbans

Head wraps, scarves and turbans are all fashion accessories that are easy to wear and can change your overall look with just one simple, inexpensive piece of fabric. You can buy scarves and turbans that are specially designed to be head wraps or you can choose a fabric that you particularly like and

Discover How to Get Rid of Your Yellow Teeth With Less Frustration

If your teeth are bothering you and you thought you could have a wider smile but have tried everything and nothing has worked then read on. In the past we were inundated with tooth trays, teeth whitening strips at a rate of other products that promise whiter teeth, however, although most of these pr

Rose Power

Rose water can be applied topically to soothe the skin, ingested orally it can aid digestion, and as an aromatherapy it has been known to lift the spirits.

Caesar with a Twist

In this picture gallery, you'll find several great options for men looking for a medium length haircut that's stylish, yet versatile. Notes on how to style each are included.

What to Wear to a Concert Date?

Concerts are popular choices for dates. A concert allows you to enjoy the company in a casual, public space, and offers an easy way to discover shared interests. Because the average concert can last three to five hours, it is important to wear clothing that will be comfortable over a long period of

Permanent Eyeliner Information

A permanent eyeliner treatment is a tattoo that is applied lash line of the upper and lower eyelids, simulating cosmetic eyeliner.

How to Clean Sperry Tan Leather Topsiders

Sperry is a shoe manufacturer that creates boat shoes. The tan leather topsiders are made from finished leather. The shoes can become dirty over time and they may have developed stains from your dyed denim pants or from water or rock salt. Remove these stains as soon as possible to make sure they do

Chi Flat Irons - the Best on the Market

One of the most popular brands of flat irons is the Chi made by Farouk, you can find it in just about every professional hair salon in the country. But, why are they so good compared to their competitors?

The Best Hair Cuts for Fine Hair

A crop haircut adds dimension to fine hair.The fine girl with an easy smile on a background of a fog. image by Stanislav Komogorov from Fotolia.comFine hair can be difficult to style and care for, whether it's curly or straight. One of the key ways to become one with your hair is to have...

How to Wear a Classic White T-Shirt With Style

A white T-shirt is one basic piece of apparel that no fashion-forward femme should be without. You can dress up a white tee to create a sophisticated look; you can incorporate it into another outfit to give it an edge; and you can even dress it down -- that's right, dress a white tee down -- for an

Bronx Shoes

Unique Loafers from Bronx Shoes

How to Make your Hair Grow Faster

Our hair grows so slowly that we usually don't think about it, except when it gets too long and we need to get it cut. But if you get a haircut which is too short, suddenly your hair growth becomes painfully important. Although hair growth can not be affected much, there are a couple things you can

How to Iron an Egyptian Cotton Dress Shirt

Although no-iron Egyptian cotton dress shirts are available, formaldehyde is used in the manufacturing process, which some connoisseurs claim adversely affects texture. That's why Egyptian cotton shirts typically wrinkle easily and require ironing.
Be sure to follow the recommended techniques fo