Reverse a Fatty Liver With a Proven Diet Plan

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Diet for Diabetes Type 2: Watch your Carbs

I have handled several patients who have already asked me about how to start their diet for diabetes type 2, the most common kind of diabetes. When the body does not produce enough insulin that is nee

What Causes a Person to Be Thirsty?

Thirst is a process designed to regulate the fluid balance in the animal body, especially if sodium intake has recently increased. However, thirst may also be the symptom of a serious medical problem. Healthy individuals should drink enough fluids to urinate every two to four hours, and urine should

Dandy Walker Support Groups

The one thing we discovered during our pregnancy with Ben was that there was no sign of any support groups in Northern Ireland, the United KIngdom or in Ireland. We had by searching through the intern

A Land of Opportunity

America is a land of opportunity. Each of us has equal opportunity to grow into the understanding and responsibility of our own choice of life. That is, if others don't provide too much for us ...

How Home Remedies Truly Work?

Going to the doctor isn't anybody's idea of fun. You will often have to wait for a very long time both in the waiting room area and in the actual exam room itself. Not only ...

How to Stop Child Bed Wetting With Natural Remedies

It is normal for most children to wet the bed until they reach age 3. After that, it is believed that bed wetting, especially in children between 5 and 8, occurs because of psychological and nutritional triggers. It is estimated that between 6 and 10 million children are bed wetters, as well as over

Bipolar disorder; types, symptoms and management.

Bipolar disorder is also referred as manic-depressive illness. It is a condition that causes unusual shifts in mood, activity levels, energy and the ability to perform daily tasks. The patient experiences intense emotional states called ...

Increase Your Bone Health Naturally

Susan was very depressed to learn that her bone density test revealed she had Osteopenia. She had no idea that you could increase your bone health naturally.

Hypervigilance Treatment

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) -is characterized by unnecessary behaviors or thoughts which are difficult to control or stop. A person with OCD may have obsessive worries such as a fear of hurting someone or of having ...

Emphysema, a disease caused by smoking!

Emphysema is a progressive lung disease that causes impaired respiration and reduced exercise capacity. The cause number one of this medical condition is smoking, among other factors such as air pollu

The Facts About Vaginal Yeast Infections

A vaginal yeast infection has sent more women to see their doctor than nearly any other cause. Unfortunately for many women they have to keep going back for treatment because this infection keeps returning. If ...

Hemorrhoids Cause

Hemorrhoids, also called piles, are swollen veins in your rectum or anus. These veins swell because there is too much pressure placed on them. You create this excess pressure when you strain to have a ...

Spread of Disease - How Easy it Can Be

The standard of hygiene in general has increased over the last couple of years because people are more educated on the importance of keeping clean and are more in tune with the risks of a dirty household. Also the standard of buildings has improved making them easier to clean. Also there has been im