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How to Make Paper Stained Glass Greeting Cards

Making a paper stained glass greeting card adds a creative and elegant touch to a homemade card. You might consider making a bunch of these to use as your family’s Christmas card. Making paper stained glass greeting cards would be a good family project to get your children involved in too. If

How to Build a Small Electric Motor

The most basic motor is called a homopolar motor. These small rotation engines can be built from basic household items in less than a minute. The motor is capable of generating basic rotation at a rate of more than 10,000 revolutions per minute. Building a homopolar motor can be used as a hands-on p

How Do Hurricanes Affect the Ecosystem?

Aquatic EcosystemsHurricanes have a great effect on aquatic ecosystems. Sediment erosion and deposition often affect oyster beds and coral reefs. Saltwater intrusion in freshwater lakes and streams causes massive fish kills and affects the lakeside habitat. Often, floodwater retreats or...

Reasons Bacteria Is Good in Humans

There are 10 times more bacteria living in you than your body has cells; hundreds of species on surface tissues such as your skin, mouth and intestinal tract. This normal flora is introduced at birth and helps your body remain healthy.

What Are the Differences Between a Tropical Storm, a Hurricane & a Tornado?

The world's most impressive storms are hurricanes and tornadoes. The former are cyclones that mature from a slightly weaker disturbance called a tropical storm, while tornadoes are funnels of fast-rotating air that usually drop down from big thunderstorms. As majestic as they are potentially destruc

How to Handle Chemical Spills

Knowing what to do after a chemical spill occurs could save your life. Chemical spills range from major spills, such as the release of a poisonous or flammable gas, to minor spills, such as spilling a small amount of acid. In general, major spills require outside help, while minor spills can be cont

How to Read Capacitor Values Printed on Parts

Capacitors are components that store an electric charge. Conductors allow electricity to flow easily, while non-conductors do not. Capacitors are formed by placing a non-conductor, such as air, between two conductors, such as those made of copper. Capacitor strength is measured in units called farad

What Is the Availability of Solar Energy?

Solar energy has been harnessed by humans for thousands of years for heating purposes, and more recently for electricity generation. Solar power is an extremely vast resource, but it has some limitations on availability that can affect its deployment around the world.

How to Make Bullet Casing Into Pens

Most people think that the only purpose for a bullet is to be shot out of a gun. But the bullet casings that are left after the projectile has been fired can be turned into more useful things, for example a pen. Making a bullet casing into a pen requires skill and craftsmanship. It is not a casual d

How to Move a Howard Miller Clock

Howard Miller clocks include floor clocks, gallery clocks, table clocks, wall clocks and mantel clocks. There are also clocks for weather and maritime uses. Howard Miller also makes the Hekman line of furniture and owns Kieninger---a fine clock movement manufacturer from Germany. Howard Miller is pr

How to Compare Stamp Collection Prices

Stamp collecting is a traditional and time-honored hobby. The prices of stamps vary widely, and often collectors don't know how to judge their collection's price. The Internet makes comparing stamp collections and their worth much easier.

Animals Made Out of Recyclable Materials

Teachers and caregivers are constantly looking for inexpensive craft materials for their classrooms or daycare facilities. A child's creative mind can transform the simplest material into a unique project. Recyclable materials, such as plastic bottles and aluminum cans, are useful for making animals

Knife Sheath Styles

Knife sheaths are an ancient and enduring craft.Moroccan dagger image by Vladimir Melnik from Fotolia.comSheaths not only protect knives but also their wearers, allowing blades large and small to be carried safely and securely. They are made from a wide range of materials and can be as...

The Disadvantages of Solar Battery Chargers

Dependence on electronics has meant a weekend away from the power grid, which means many people need to take some kind of charging device with them to power up cell phones, navigation systems and even laptops. Solar chargers have been developed to ensure they can work in the great outdoors, but unfo

How Can I Make a Harp on My Own?

Very few instruments are as calming as a harp. The harp was invented thousands of years ago when the first humans realized that a bowstring makes sounds when plucked. Things have progressed over the years, and now we have the harp we know today. When you make a harp on your own, you are getting the

What Are the Dangers of Nitrogen?

Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless and chemically inert gas that makes up about 78 percent of the Earth's atmosphere. While you inhale it safely with every breath, some hazards are associated with nitrogen. In excessive amounts, the gas can asphyxiate. High-pressure nitrogen tanks have a risk of expl

Salt Water Crocodiles Habitat

One of the most impressive predators on the planet, the huge and bold saltwater crocodile can remind observers of the prehistoric supremacy of reptiles. Big specimens may span over 20 feet and weigh better than a half-ton, and the crocodiles consume everything from fish to large mammals like water b