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The History of Terrazzo

Originally created in Europe, terrazzo flooring can be a beautiful and environmentally friendly choice for homes of nearly any architectural style. What was once a popular option that fell out of style, terrazzo flooring has recently started regaining popularity as an attractive and eco-conscious a

Instructions to Slate a Roof

Finding someone qualified to install a slate roof can prove difficult for owners of older homes. Many homeowners consider installing or repairing a slate roof without professional help. Slating a roof, though possible for a homeowner, requires some specific knowledge. Before climbing the ladder, gat

How to Stop Noise in Wooden Floors

While wood floors are often celebrated for their rich coloring and natural beauty, they are also known for the noise and squeaks that can develop over time. Noise in a wooden floor can be caused by many different factors, including poor installation or settling of flooring components over time. The

How to Remove Dropped Ceilings With Vents

Removing a dropped ceiling involves pulling out the tiles and then disassembling the grid that the tiles rest upon. This process is complicated if there are vents installed into the dropped ceiling. The object is to remove the dropped ceiling without damaging the vents, which are essential to the ho

How to Figure Sand Gravel Cement in a Cubic Yard of Concrete

Concrete is a mixture of water, sand, gravel and cement. You can hand-mix your own cement for do-it-yourself construction projects at home as long as you keep your batches to under 2 cubic yards total volume. It is impractical to hand-mix larger volumes because of the weights and handling times. In

Kinds of Exterior Plywood

Exterior plywood is a common building ,measuring image by Greg Pickens from Fotolia.comExterior plywood is made of wood components bound with moisture-resistant or waterproof glue. It lasts longer than interior products when exposed to hot sun, rain or snow. Choose...

How to Clean Midlands Skylights

Skylights, when they are properly installed and caulked, are an efficient, energy-saving addition to any home and require very little maintenance. Midlands skylights, like all others, only need to be cleaned twice a year to ensure optimal lighting. This process can be accomplished by most people saf

The Best Method of Insulating a Basement

Insulating your basement will seal out moisture and cold temperatures, which can lead to a reduction in energy costs. You can add insulation materials to cement, wood or steel in your basement space. Closed-cell spray foam insulation and foam insulation panels work best for a basement, according to

How to Do Concrete Foundation

A concrete foundation is required at the base of every structure. An unstable foundation can have disastrous effects on a building, so it's important to make sure that you have a strong and sturdy foundation. The two basic types of concrete foundations are shallow foundations and deep foundations. S

OSHA Requirements for Stairs

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) provides rules and regulations for stair safety both in the construction and repair of buildings and the design of fixed structures. OSHA requirements for stairs are designed to make stairways safe not only for the people who use...

Ideas on How to Make a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are a great way to add extra counter space, a breakfast bar and storage space. Designing and building your own island is not difficult to complete in a weekend. Best of all, building a kitchen island gives you the advantage of having exactly what you want, quickly and for a fraction

How to Refinish Rustic Hardwood Floors

The beauty of a rustic hardwood floor comes from the random, natural-looking variations of shade and grain that are displayed on its surface. For this reason, you should avoid sanding off the surface of a rustic wood floor during a refinishing, as you'll be taking off a lot of its character with it.

Types of Stairways

Stairways have a number of steps that lead from one level to another and are installed between two or more floors of a building or a home. Stairs should be safe and easy to climb up and down and can be made from materials such as wood, aluminum, steel, or cement. The kinds of stairs that are install

Can a Painted Concrete Floor Be Polished?

Once relegated to sidewalks and driveways, concrete has made its way into homes and commercial buildings for use on counter tops and floors. Stained, pressed and polished concrete makes attractive and durable hard surfaces that last for years to come. Most painted concrete floors can be polished, de

How to Paint Laminate Countertops in a Bathroom

A quick bathroom update can revolve around a modernized color palette by painting the walls and cabinetry and adding new curtains, rugs and towels. To coordinate existing bathroom laminate countertops with the new décor shades, paint the counters. A laminate surface painting process is not co

How Do I Turn a Garage Into a Bedroom?

A garage is often the most misused or underused part of a house. Making the conversion into a bedroom can be much less expensive than going through the cost of adding a standard addition built from the ground up. The shell is already in place, meaning you can spend more on finishing the interior. An

How to Hinge a Door Jamb

Your door swings on a pair of hinges installed on the side of the door and attached to the door jamb. When properly installed, your door will swing freely. Badly installed hinges will cause your door to catch on the door jamb. You may run into issues after the door is installed as well. Changing wea

How to Lay Tile Over Epoxy

Two-part epoxy, once seldom used in the laying of tile, has since gained a wider range of acceptance in the home improvement community due to improved formulas that lengthen the time you have to install tile, as well as to improvements with the clean-up process. Epoxy is a well suited when you plan

How to Attach Laminate Countertops

Replacing a laminate countertop is an affordable kitchen update for the handy homeowner. Preformed laminate countertops are available in a wide variety of colors, and can give a kitchen a whole new look in an afternoon. If you're in the process of replacing a countertop, you may be hindered trying t

How to Build a Platform Bed With Drawers Underneath

The space beneath full- and double-size platform beds represents more than 25 square feet of storage space. A set of drawers beneath the platform support in your bed allows you to not only take advantage of that space, but to organize it in ways simply stuffing your junk underneath can't. Set aside