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Drug & Alcohol Counseling Techniques

Counseling clients with drug and alcohol addictions can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are certain techniques that can boost your chances of success. You must use techniques that are directly aimed at breaking down the client's denial, making him take responsibility for the problem and teaching

Forced Mental Health Treatment Has a Place

The New York Court of Appeals has upheld the state law allowing concerned family and friends to seek a court order forcing a patient to accept mental health treatment.

Tips to to Quit Smoking

You know you want to quit smoking, but you're afraid you won't be able to pull it off. You're looking for a crutch or some sort of support to get you through what you fear will be a difficult period of withdrawal. Well, there is no shortage of organizations and individuals that are willing to lend a

Private Schools for ADHD & Bipolar Disorder

School-age children who suffer from Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder or bipolar disorder may not function well in a normal school setting. For them there are other options. The United States federal government funds dozens of schools in each state that cater to the needs of children with

How to Tell the Difference Between Aspergers and ADHD

How can you tell the difference betweenAspergers and ADHD? The disorders are similar but some of the symptoms are quite different but others overlap. Your pediatrician or doctor may be able to tell you which condition your child has, but here are some indicators to guide you.

Why People Choose Christian Therapy

The other reason that people go to a Christian counselor is because of the fact that they believe that a Christian counselor will help them grow. People who have problems want to learn how to grow from them personally and on a spiritual level.

Increasing Your Height - Naturally

There are many people out there who would have dream of, and are still dreaming to increase their height, even if it means gaining one or two inches. Are you one of them? Then, there is some good news for you; you can increase your height, and the best part is that you can do it naturally. Here are

Self Awareness is Crucial in Healing Physical and Emotional Pain

Awareness is powerful medicine. Only with awareness can you truly make changes to anything, and until you are fully conscious of where you are, you will never be able to get to where you want to be. There is a saying, "You don't know what you don't know." This is true on so many

The Advantages of Using the DSM IV Criteria for Diagnosis

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV provides information about each mental health diagnosis. The DSM has changed and undergone revisions since its inception. The American Journal of Psychiatry reports the DSM has brought about much controversy through the years, most notably when homosexuality

Traditional ADD Treatments

Several different treatment options exist for ADD.Between pharmaceutical, therapeutic, and natural treatments, you most certainly have plenty of choices to make in regards to how you want to treat your ADD.

Natural Remedies for Depression

Depression is a catch all term applied to a set of mood disorders ranging from major depressive disorder (also called clinical depression) to seasonal affective disorder. In popular usage, the term generally is applied to any low or down mindset. Its symptoms include hopelessness, decreased libido a