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How to Build a Dog Bath

You can build a dog bath with just a few materials, which will allow you to move the bath to different locations. You can connect your dog bath directly to a sink, but the more portable and less expensive option is to bring a hose to a wash basin and connect it with a clamp. This gives you the freed

How to Treat Canine Cancer With Colostrum

Colostrum is produced by new mothers immediately after a birth and contains antibodies, lactoferrin and purine and pyrimidine complexes. These components of colostrum are believed to boost the immune system and reduce digestive disorders and symptoms of arthritis and food allergies in dogs. Although

How to Read Schutzhund Titles

Schutzhund, German for protection dog, is a canine sport that is growing in popularity. It is a complex sport that includes a tracking phase, an obedience phase and a protection phase. The dog must perform with exemplary scores to receive a title, and earning titles can be a long and daunting proces

Family Pet - The Shar Pei

The blue Shar Pei is a rare color belonging to the Shar Pei breed. They are usually more expensive than other colors of Shar Pei because they are harder to breed. The Shar Pei comes from China, is great with kids, and is a highly intelligent dog was bred for all-purpose use.

How to Get Rid of Flies Around Dog's Water and Food

You feed your dogs outside and your dogs are very happy eating outside. But during the summer, flies cover your dog's food and water bowls. It doesn't seem like your dog cares, but it's disgusting to you. Luckily you can do some things to get rid of flies.

Dog Walking Services

Dog walking is indeed a great way to get health benefits easily. By doing so, not only can your dog enjoy exercise but you can also get adequate exercising benefits from dog walking service. That is why, it is important to plan your walking time with your pet in a positive way.

Dog Memory Foam Beds - Yes, They Are the Latest Craze

More and more dog owners are finding out that dog memory foam beds are one of the best investments they can make for their dog. These types of beds come in many price ranges and can be very affordable.

An Overview of Dog Checkups and Why You Need Them for Your Dog

If you're like most people, you absolutely treasure your dog and want to keep him healthy and happy for the long haul. In addition, you know that if your dog ever became ill, you would be beside yourself with worry. Well, just like you don't skip your yearly doctor checkups, you also shoul

What Good is Herbal Treatment For Dogs?

When your pooch is ill you will do everything that you reasonably can in order to get him back to full health. This can often mean expensive trips to the vet but we gladly pay it to get our four legged friends a clean bill of health. There are alternatives to veterinary treatment for some minor heal

How to Raise a Yorkie Mix Dog

Yorkshire terriers are working-class dogs, originally bred to be ratters. This dog, weighing seven pounds on average, is ideally suited for apartment life and travel. Raising a Yorkie mix is relatively easy, if you understand the medical conditions they are prone to, the personality traits of the br

Search and Rescue Dogs: Everyday Heroes

Dogs make excellent companions, but they are also used in a variety of search and rescue missions every day to find lost children, people in collapsed buildings, or even those lost at sea based on a particular scent. We'll explain how these dogs are chosen, how they are trained, and what happen

Homemade Dog Food to Go With Kibble

Homemade dog food given in addition to store-bought kibble can provide enhanced nutrition and enjoyment for you dog. The kibble might contain everything your dog needs, but it won't do him any good if he doesn't eat it. Almost any nutritional need can be met in a carefully planned homemade food supp

First Steps With Your New Puppy

When you bring your new puppy home you should begin teaching the basics straight away. At least start housebreaking and showing your new pup where to sleep, and short bursts of learning to walk on the leash. The general consensus is that formal training should begin at four to eight months.

Take Good Care of Your Pet and Avoid Flea Bites on Humans

Flea bites on humans constitute a problem which many people tend to ignore either out of embarrassment or due to the belief that they are not a serious condition. But these little insects carry a lot of diseases, and through their bite the viruses can get into your blood stream and cause an infectio

Recommended Treatment for Red Mange

Red mange, or demodectic mange, is transferred from a mother dog to her puppies. It is not contagious, unlike sarcoptic mange, and can be treated. A dog may have flares for life, especially when under stress.

Outdoor Dog Beds - The Best Option For a Active Dog

Dogs seem to be very loving to humans. They love to feel safe and protected by being around people or items that they value. If you leave your house for a while or are away and leave your dog outside, their only sense of protection will be their bed.

Training Your Puppy: How to Curb the Barking When He's 'Home Alone

The first thing to remember is that dogs bark. That's their 'voice'. Birds sing, cats meow, dogs bark you'll never make your dog stop barking completely, nor should you want to. But what you do want to do is control excessive barking so that he doesn't drive you or your nei

Dog Allergies

Dogs are as susceptible to allergies as people are. They are subject to food, inhaled, and flea allergies. These allergies can be hard to diagnose.

How to Calm Down a Playful Large Dog

Large dogs don't always realize how large they are. When they get excited, they sometimes turn into gigantic playful monsters. It's one thing if the dog is yours or you enjoy playing with a dog of that size, but if you're an innocent bystander like the mailman or the neighbor girl who's feeding the