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Homemade Egyptian Halloween Costumes

Would you like walk like an Egyptian this Halloween? You can dress up like Cleopatra or an Egyptian pharaoh for little money. Making a homemade Egyptian costume is easy, and requires no special crafting skills.

Online Gift Card Ideas

You can print out gift cards online and give them as presents.Gift Card image by chas53 from Fotolia.comGiving gift cards is a great idea because it lets people choose their own gifts. This way, you are sure they get what they want. The Internet has made this even easier, especially if...

How to Make a Chinese New Year Dragon Head

Dragons play a large role in Chinese New Year celebrations, where the mythical animals are featured in parades, on kites and in dances. While dragons are generally thought to be evil in Western culture, Chinese tradition holds them to be friendly, helpful creatures that bring good luck, a long life

Ideas for Three Musketeers Halloween Costumes

Halloween provides an opportunity for adults and children alike to participate in a bit of child-like make believe. Dressing in costume works well as a shared experience if costumes work in unison. The Three Musketeers present such an opportunity for groups of three. Since the narrator of the tale i

Different Christening Gifts

A simple gift is appropriate for a image by Kir from Fotolia.comA christening ceremony has different meanings in different Christian religions. For Catholics, it is a Baptism -- the sacrament that welcomes the baby into the church. In other Christian religions, a...

Nontraditional Birthday Invitation Ideas

Invite guests to share your special day with stand-out birthday invitations.ICHIRO/Photodisc/Getty ImagesAny birthday is a cause for celebration, and throwing a party can be a way to gather friends and loved ones to toast the special day. Instead of falling into the generic trap of...

Twin Boy & Girl Birthday Party Ideas

Twins can be double the pleasure, but double the work. Struggling to be individuals, each child may have a different idea of what her upcoming birthday party should center on, and including two party themes into one larger party can be somewhat of a challenge for parents. When the twins are much you

Gift Ideas for Ladies

It's not always easy to choose the right gift for a valentins',birthday,or christmas gift image by L. Shat from Fotolia.comFinding the perfect gift for a lady depends on her tastes and interests and, of course, your budget. When choosing a gift for a lady you should also...

Dazzle Your Home With Christmas Decoration Tree Lights

During the Christmas, decoration is most preferred by people and the traditionally put several kinds of decoration. Christmas lights also give wonderful look to your home. Find here information on several kinds of light decorations.

Games for a Halloween Birthday Party

A birthday that falls close to Halloween can allow you to throw a combination Halloween birthday party. Or perhaps you just like Halloween a lot so you want to throw a Halloween themed birthday party no matter what time of year it is. Either way you will want to plan some fun games to...

It's Halloween Party Time!

Find some easy and fun Halloween party planning tips and your holiday party will be as much fun for you as it is for your guests. Plan a costume party, a horror movie marathon or some other spooky theme for lots of fun in October.

How to Make Nativity Play Costumes

At Christmas time, it is traditional for schools to put on a nativity play that depicts the story of how baby Jesus was born. The lead characters are Joseph, Mary and the Angel Gabriel. Costumes for these parts are simple to make and don't require sewing. This method can be adapted to make shepherd,

Gag Gifts for a Bachelor Party

So your best guy friend is getting married and you've got to see him off properly. Throw him a bachelor party he won't ever forget. Leave the sentimental stuff for the wedding day and plan a party where all the fellas can have a good time and tease the groom mercilessly about getting married.

5 Tips To Help You De-Stress For The Holidays

We all lead pretty stressful lives. This time of the year, with various Holidays and festivals approaching our stress levels tend to hit an all-time high. So, before preparations for the holidays begin in earnest and stress levels begin to creep ever upward, here are 5 tips that I would like to shar

Baby Cake Gifts

A baby cake serves both as an interesting centerpiece at a baby shower and as a functional gift for the mom and new baby. Baby cake gifts are not edible, but rather they are made up of baby items. Bulky items such as diapers, blankets and towels are rolled and formed into a cake shape,...

Simple Fathers Day Gifts

If there’s one thing in life you can always count on, it’s your parents. No matter what happens you know mom and dad will stick by you, they’ll forgive you when it’s least likely that anyone else will and they’ll always believe in you and that’s a lot to be thankf

Dubai Mall: The World's Largest Shopping Mall

Dubai is fast becoming known for its outstanding and wonderful malls. If you are an uncompromising shopper and love to spend time either purchasing things or just window shopping, then Dubai deals a n

How to Plan a Kid's Birthday at the Park

Because kids love to be outside in nice weather, a park is a great location for a child's birthday party. Parks provide ample room to run around and endless possibilities for activities and healthy exercise. They also keep the normal birthday party wear and tear out of the house and offer a potentia