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How Computer Dating Services Can Change Your Life

One of the things about relationships is that they are very dynamic. You will hear of people who met at a diner, at a friend's party, in church or even at the annual parade and in no time they were already dating. This is why relationships have to be one of the most interesting topics in our wo

Homosexual Argumentative Rhetoric

There is a group of homosexuals, lets just call them the fringe of the Gay and Lesbian Community, that think they are wise and brilliant and attempt to pick a fight using their version of logic. Whereas the first few times you encounter theses fellows, lets call the age 18-30 year old fringe of the

How to Eliminate the Awkwardness in a Friendship

Most friendships go through a lot of ups and downs, either brought on by life circumstances or personality differences. Awkwardness that develops in a friendship can stem from many situations. You could experience awkwardness because of a misunderstanding or a blatant offense. A missed birthday or a

Flirting Facts

In the arena of social interactions, those people who flirt perfectly are the best players. Yes, accepting that looks, guts, and self-confidence are important in finding the perfect date, however, those people who are good and I mean really well at flirting would always run you over. Perhaps you are

Mistakes To Avoid When Attracting A Woman

Most single men make the same mistakes over and over again when trying to attract a woman. This is why only a few percent of men are the one's that are continually leaving bars and clubs every weekend with a different woman on their arm. Once you learn the things that turn a woman off then you

3 Questions to Ask Someone You Just Met Online

It is now time for you to get to know your online prospects. How do you go about it? What do you ask? How do you ask it? Should you pry into their personal details immediately? If you really want to do this properly, this article give some basic guidelines.

Understanding Women's Body Language - It's Easier Than You Think

Unconsciously, everybody sends signals to each other with their bodies. The older you get, the more important it is to understand the messages that are being sent. When trying to assess if a woman is interested in you or not, watch her body language. Whether she means to or not, she is sending you a

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder - I'm Not In the Mood

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) is by far the most frequent problem occurring in female sexual dysfunctions. It is generally characterised by persistent or recurrent absence of sexually oriented fantasies or desires. In other words, the woman is rarely in the mood for any form of sexual act